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Travel Guide: Strange Names of Places Around the World That You Probably Never Heard Of

Shakespeare rightly quotes ‘what’s in a name?’ in his play Romeo and Juliet. But, then again, who wants an unpleasant or weird name? Everyone wants a pretty soothing name, but not the places we list here today. These places from across the globe have some of the widest place names and unusual names one has ever had.

Check out the exciting names and the places. P.S. Don’t feel weird hearing some of the embarrassing names, though!

Llanfairpwll in Wales

The name of the place is a whopping 58 characters-


Weird Place Names
Image Source: Business Insider

That’s a LOT for a place name. The village in Welsh Wales sits on the Anglesey isle and has the longest name in Europe. The name translates to a phrase in English that states the town’s location- ‘Saint Mary’s Church located in the hollow a white hazel close to the whirlpool and the Church of St. Tysilio of the fiery red cave.’ The town was renamed from Llanfairpwll to the current name by a publicity lover tailor in 1880. The rename took place to attract tourists to the tiny Welsh village, and interestingly it did, all thanks to the most unusual name of a place! The tourism portal of the town has the longest validated domain name in the world. You can add an ‘org. uk’ after the long list of characters and you’ll see information about the village.

Batman in Turkey

Do you think Batman’s character/movie was inspired by this place? Doubt so! Batman is the capital of a Turkish province and named after the Batman River flowing nearby. The city grabbed headlines in a 2008 scandal when the then-mayor, Huseyin Kalkan, gave a threat to Warner Bros. and director Christopher Nolan to sue them for the term ‘Batman’ in the Dark Knight movie trilogy.

Eggs and Bacon Bay in Tasmania

The Eggs and Bacon Bay place in Tasmania earns its name from a regional wildflower popular as eggs and bacon. The petals of the wildflower are a mix of the bright sunny yellow color of the egg yolks and the deep red hue of the bacon. The weird place name bay grabbed headlines in 2016 when the PETA organization filed an unsuccessful petition to change the name of the place to “Apple and Cherry Bay.”

Eggs and Bacon Bay, Tasmania
Image Source: TripAdvisor

Wonowon in British Columbia

The place sits on Alaska Highway’s Mile 101 (pronounced one-oh-one, from where it is named). The U.S. Army built a 24-hour checkpoint at this place during World War II. It earlier had the name Blueberry because of the beautiful Blueberry River flowing nearby. It changed to Wonowon to prevent any confusion about another Blueberry name of a place situated in the southeastern Kootenay region.

Spa in Belgium

A mention of Spa and all you can imagine is relaxation and calmness! But actually, the word Spa originated from the eastern Belgian town named Spa, whose mineral springs with healing properties have been popular since the 16th century and also found its mention by Pliny the Elder.

Westward Ho! in England

The Westward Ho! is a village in Bideford, England. In 1855, the renowned professor Charles Kingsley published a book named ‘Westward Ho!’, which depicts the tale of a young man leaving his home in Bideford to pursue an exciting and adventurous maritime life under the tutelage of famous explorer Sir Francis Drake. Upon publishing, the book became a bestseller and popular and led people to establish the Northam Burrows Hotel and Villa Building Company in 1863. The establishment intended to capitalize on the attention the book grabbed at that time. They built the Westward Ho! The hotel and later on expanded the village with terrace cottages, lodges, bath accommodation, stables, and a splurging golf club. As the village developed around the hotel, the place acquired the name Westward Ho! too.

PunkeyDoodles Corners in Ontario

PunkeyDoodles Corner Weird Place Names
Image Source: Flickr

The name of this place has been in controversy and debate for decades. According to some people, the name is a product of a slurred pronunciation of ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ by a German tavern owner. There are also reports that Punkeydoodle was a grave insult to resident pumpkin-grower John Burbrigg by a frustrated neighbor. It  went to being the land and the area named “Punkeydoodle’s Corners.” Punkey Doodles was once the home to the charming Canadian crime conductors- the ‘Mischief-makers’ who used to steal the town’s sign, until Canada Day in 1982 when the local people erected a concrete monument.

Hotazel in South Africa

Hotazel, or ‘hot as hell’ as it sounds, earned its name from a group of land surveyors who assessed a farm in 1915 in South Africa and named it ‘Hot As Hell.’ The place’s climate is moderate, with summer temperatures surging up to 90 degrees (in Fahrenheit) and winter temperatures plunging to 30 degrees (in Fahrenheit).

Disappointment Islands in French Polynesia

Disappointment in a place! Well, it earned its name from an actual incident. In 1765, John Byron, grandfather of Lord Byron, sailed around the tip of South America when he came to a tiny island. John Byron and the crew thought of the island as a paradise, but soon they discovered that the sky-high surf and the coral reefs prevented any chance of a safe anchorage. Also, the spear-wielding natives of the island vanquished any hopes of their anchorage in the islands. John Byron then named the island the Islands of Disappointment. Weird place names, eh!?

Bumpass in Virginia

The town of Bumpass earned its name from the Bumpass family, whose scion leader Jack Bumpass gave it the name and transformed into one of the most visited places of Virginia. The term “Bumpass” comes from the French word ‘bonpass,’ which means “good passage.”

Intercourse in Pennsylvania

Intercourse Pennsylvania
Image Source: Wikipedia

Intercourse is indeed an additional name for a place. Well, it’s not for the residents of this place! Intercourse is located in the middle of southeastern P.A.’s Amish Country, less than around ten miles away from the Blue Ball, PA.  The town sits on the edge of a racecourse with an entry point, ‘Entercourse.’ It might be the origin of the name Intercourse! There are also references that the name Intercourse may be derived from the intersection of two roads or racecourses! Another theory states that the town earlier had a name after a common phrase famous during the town’s foundation. In early English vocabulary, intercourse referred to fellowship and social interaction commonly shared by a community.

Fucking in Austria

First Intercourse, and now Fucking! Fucking village sits 20 miles north of Salzburg. The village residents got tired of the English tourists often stealing their ‘Fucking’ name signage. Of course!! In 2004, after a failed vote to rename the town, they installed solid theft-resistant signs that were welded to steel. The residents voted to name the village from weird place names Fucking to Fugging. However, an Austrian town already had the name Fugging!

Gobbler’s Knob in Pennsylvania

The place is located a few miles outside the Punxsutawney garners. The place grabbed attention due to its weather-predicting groundhog creature. Though the place remains clear most times throughout the year, tourists should avoid it for the knobs that accumulate during the early morning hours each February 2nd.

Hell in Norway

Hell, Norway Weird Place Name
Image Source: WordPress Blog

Have you ever been to hell? If not, you can get a chance now, literally! The founders of this place, located in southwestern Norway, gave it the name ‘Hell’ after the Old Norse term’ hellir.’ The term translates roughly to “overhang,” which is a bad feeling. One of the distinctive characteristics of this place is that it is one of the world’s colder places and remains frozen for over a third of the year.

Dildo in Canada

Wikipedia states that the Dildo town earned its name from the “phallus-shaped pin that is stuck in the edge of a rowboat to pivot the oar’. Interesting, isn’t it? There are weird place names called Dildo, both in Newfoundland and in Labrador. The town is the first historically documented place and was initially named Dildoe Island in 1711. However, the origins are a mystery and a tale! Some people believe that the name came from the French word ‘ile d’eau’ due to the beautiful freshwater springs, while others think that Dildo is the pure adaptation of a Spanish word that represents the bottom of a boat.

Twatt in Scotland

The country of Scotland has two places with the name Twatt- one in the Orkney Islands and another Twatt on the Shetland Islands. The term ‘Twatt’ originates from an Old Norse word that means “small parcel of land.”

Middelfart in Denmark

Middelfart in Denmark is famous as a whale hunting ground and its whale hunters from around the Middle Ages until the end of the 19th-century. Even though the whaling practices went off in the 20th century, residents of Middelfart went back to whaling habits during World War I and World War II.

Humptulips in Washington

Image Source: Grays Harbor Talk

The west town of Humptulips in Washington earned its name from an innocent Native American phrase that means “hard to pole.” It refers to the Native American people who referred to the difficulty of getting decent parking for their canoes. The town of Humptulips is tiny, with only around 60 families residing there.

Titty Hill in England

The town is located in rural Sussex and is a good tourist destination. Tourists can also make Titty Hill a base location for traveling to nearby towns Wetwang and Shitterton.

Pee Pee Township in Ohio

The town of Pee Pee sits in the middle of scenic Pike County and is named after the beautiful Pee Pee River flowing near it. The name came from the initials of a glorious Irish settler ( referred to as P.E.)

Nowhere Else in Tasmania

Are you going nowhere? You can now go nowhere, to this beautiful town in Tasmania named Nowhere Else. It is a rural town with few residents- around only 40 people and one of the weird place names!

Kill in Ireland

The historic village area of Kill sits on the border of County Kildare and County Dublin. As per a Church land record dating back to 1800, the town has the name ‘Kilbarrymeandon’, which became the abbreviation ‘Kill.’

Truth or Consequences in New Mexico

No, the town is not about the Commandments of Truth and Lies. The original name of the town was Hot Springs. However, in March 1950, American radio host Ralph Edwards (host of NBC Radio quiz show Truth or Consequences) announced his show’s next episode. That was the 10th anniversary of being aired in Hot Springs, and then it renamed itself to Truth or Consequences.

Birdsville in Queensland

The town of Birdsville has the eastern edge of the Simpson Desert and the plains of Sturt’s Stony Desert towards its south and the Channel Country towards its north. The town of Birdville has a low population count of only 115.

Accident in Maryland

Accident Maryland

According to rumors, the town earned the name because a land speculator officially marked it off by accident. Better stay away from the ‘accidental’ town rather than become a laughing stock when you narrate any accidental tale, right?

Bat Cave in North Carolina

The town of Bat Cave earned its name due to the various species of bats that have their home in a cave amidst the Bluerock Mountains. The cave is one of the largest known granite fissure caves in North America.

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Boring in Oregon

You’ll find more places with the name ‘Boring’ in Maryland and Tennessee, but this Oregon town is different in its name of origin. The town earns its name from a glorious Union soldier, William Harrison Boring, who owned a piece of land there. The residents of Boring town proudly own up the name, despite its resonating to a dull meaning!

Chicken in Alaska

The town of Chicken is one of the famous gold rush towns of Alaska. When authorities incorporated the town in the year 1902, many suggested naming it Ptarmigan. Ptarmigan refers to a name of a bird that looks like a chicken and is the state bird! As many found it challenging to spell Ptarmigan, the town was named Chicken instead. The town has the least number of residents- only 7. You’ll, however, find miners here in the summer season.

Dish in Texas

DISH, Texas
Image Source: Flickr

Have you ever heard of digital media giving a place its name? Well, Dish is such a place!

The town, which was earlier known as Clark, was renamed DISH (all caps) in exchange for free T.V. from the Dish Network in 2005. Interesting!

The world is full of places with weird place names, and the list will surely be a never-ending one! From places earning their name from tales, incidents to unusual moments, these places have residents living the name as their own. Visit these interesting, weird, and fun places to make your travel list more fun and memorable!

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