Sunshine Coast: A Relaxed Australian Beach City Ambiance

Travel Guide: Sunshine Coast, a Relaxed Australian Beach City Ambiance

Escaping to a beach with mountains to complement makes your trip even more satisfying. So far Gold Coast is one such popular destination. But due to urbanization, tall buildings and the large number of tourists gathering in and around the beach, it has affected the beach originality. Hence, if you seek an alternative, the Sunshine Coast may help. This coastal city lying to the north of Brisbane provides you with the opportunity to relish all kinds of seafood, enjoy water sports, and encounter laidback locals. To add to your trip, you can visit exciting cities, lush green rainforests, and pristine beaches in and around the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast: A Relaxed Australian Beach City Ambiance
Sunshine Coast: A Relaxed Australian Beach City Ambiance

Our Verdict

The Sunshine Coast is no less beautiful than the Gold Coast people talk about. Further, the southeast coastline of Queensland. Furthermore, it extends between Noosa Head in the north to Caloundra in the south. Moreover, the Black Hill ranges from an inland border. The most popular beaches are Coolum, Noosa, and Mooloolaba. However, the area has six pristine beaches. Each beach has its own features to share with you. Additionally, Caloundra can be reached from Brisbane for just one hour drive.

History and Culture of Sunshine Coast

In 1770, the Glass House Mountains were visited by Captain Cook. However, it wasn’t before the 1820s that the white inhabitants arrived at the Sunshine Coast. Further, the Kabi Kabi people, the aboriginals, shared their lifestyle with the newcomers who were familiar. However, the original inhabitants of this area lost to the fugitives who escaped the Brisbane penal colonies in around 1830 and 1840s. 

Moreover, in the 1842s, Governor George Gipps realized how important the Buna tree was. The group of aboriginal people told him of the fact. To protect the trees from theft, the buna buna reserve was created. The reserve occupied Mt. Beerwah up to Eumundi. In this area, the furious battle in Australia was fought “Black war”:  the aboriginals took shelter within the Blackall Ranges and gathered to fight against the whites. Around the late 1850s, timber traders and cattlemen started exploiting the region. The reserve was abolished in the 1860s.

In the years 1860s and 1870s there was immense growth in the timber industry. In the earliest phase, the settlements were ports and jetties. Further to export timber to Europe, both roadways and waterways were being used. The goldfields were identified by the Gimpies Gold Rush. As a result, the roads were developed. To bypass, the coastal cities of Gimpy built a railway track. Moreover, by the 1890s, the cattle trade was replaced by fruit and dairy farms. Soon sugarcane and pineapple farming replaced timbers. The importance of the region was felt. Local products became profitable and small towns began to develop.

Post World War II

Life at Sunshine Coast continued to remain the same till World War II. Soon after, it became a popular destination for tourists. Further, the weather and surfing possibility raised the importance of the site. Within the1960s and 1970s period there was a great boom noticed, theme parks were built to attract visitors on a larger scale. Additionally, an alternative lifestyle was visible. Newcomers with strong art and craft abilities contributed to the place’s importance.

Sunshine Coast in the 1980s

Today, Australia the most rapidly growing place on the Sunshine Coast. Attractive theme parks and others are coming up to attract more visitors. Moreover, farmlands were getting reduced and more residential complexes started creeping up. The Sunshine Coast management has maintained a perfect balance between the artisan, creative, and tourist trades. Various water sports were designed. You can visit the exquisite beaches from Brisbane itself.

Climate and Weather in Sunshine Coast

This place in Australia, i.e. Sunshine Coast experiences tropical weather all through the year. This place has the ideal temperature for you to relax. On average the temperature range is 17 to 28 degrees. Moreover, the Sunshine coast receives the highest sunlight level in our world. The seasonal changes are not severe as in Asia, North America, or Europe. The rainy season is less known, though total winter rainfall occurs. But it’s negligible. However, the ocean water remains warm, always delighting locals as well as tourists.

News Those Matter

  • The recent bushfire threats created panic among residents of the Sunshine coastal area. As a safety measure, the firefighter suggested evacuation of the area. However, by using water bombs and effective methods of the crew members, the hundred feet bushfire could be quenched. The same incident happened in Noosa, where fire engulfed a house and millions fled their home.
  • Thunderstorms, high tides, and flood cautions were sounded for Brisbane, Gold coast, and Sunshine Coast. Sea waves were expected to rise 4 to 5 meters
  • Measles was found in visitors on the seashore which was alarming. After this event, the beach authority made it a warning for those with measle vaccine can only enter
  • Roads have become accident-prone. Incidents are being highlighted in the news. Despite repeated warnings by police and speed limits are being specified at intervals. The young stars are reported driving rashly. Talking over the phone and using headphones have added to the possibility
  • A few days back in the news we learned of dozens of kangaroos found dead on the shores of the Sunshine Coast. Consequently to the bushfire, the kangaroos might have suffocated to death.
A Relaxed Australian Beach City Ambiance
A Relaxed Australian Beach City Ambiance

Gold Coast Vs Sunshine Coast

The characteristics of both coasts are similar. Both are located near Brisbane. One in the north, while the other in the south. But there is a perennial competition to decide which one is the best. Frankly speaking, the Sunshine Coast is better. Not only is it less humid, but also windy. The Sunshine Coast is laid back. But the Gold Coast is more for parties. Hence, if you are a party goer, the Gold Coast would be perfect. However, if you prefer less crowds, away from the hustle-bustle, the Sunshine Coast will suit.

Why Sunshine Coast?

  • If you want to party all night, this coastal region of Queensland is just perfect. Furthermore, you can visit the surfer’s paradise. Places like Mooloolaba and Noosa are available for whole-night party fantasy. For example, the Tap Mooloolaba has a “Your own beer” provision, which remains open late every night till one pm. If you seek a super clubbing ambiance, Rumba Wine Bar is terrific. It is located in Noosa. These joints are just perfect for night outs. Also, you can taste imported as well as Australian wines.
  • The hinterlands are present on both coasts. However, the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast is more attractive. It includes Melany, Kenilworth, and Montville, those country towns, charming to see. You can opt for hiking the rocky peaks of Glass Mountain. Those were formed by volcano eruption way back. The Ginger Factory at Yandina is a destination for day-long family fun.
  • A special attraction could be the pieces of work found in Montville. This region has been designated as the abode of creative souls. You can visit antiques and galleries as well as pottery studios. The Kondalilla National Park is a famous rainforest. 

More About Sunshine Coast

  • The Sunshine Coast is slowly gripping up as a food lovers’ destination. According to official tour guides, the desire for bespoke food experiences is growing. The only camel breeding firms are getting access to visitors. In the name of Cuddle Tour, the visitors get to touch the animal, taste its milk, and the by-products. You can experience the food habits of indigenous people and Australians, called bush food. You have to attend a tour called Bush Tucker Secrets.
  • Fraser Island is the biggest sand island near Noosa. Why spend one hour traveling from the Gold Coast then? It would be wise to travel to the Sunshine Coast. A day trip would be remarkable. On Fraser Island places to visit, are Maheno shipwreck, Eii Creek, lake McKenzy, and the beach that measures seventy-five miles.
  • The Sunshine Coast is home to picturesque beaches, cosmopolitan cities, Blackall ranges, and rainforests. A very romantic getaway or a day trip to the hinterland will be perfect. On Wednesday and Sundays visit the market and its 500 stalls to see fresh production of arts and crafts. If you stop at Esplanade the busiest location in Mooloolaba, within walking limits you can visit the world’s famous underground marine museum
  • For viewing beautiful art, galleries, and taste organic foods visiting artistic communities namely Mapleton and Maleny. Many interconnecting hip-hop buses can help you reach destinations. Six pristine beaches have the importance of their own. Tropical weather and seawater warmness locals are seen swimming even in winter. The lifeguards are on duty throughout the year.
  • Yet again Coolum is a laid-back place. Apt for relaxing. The world’s best golf grounds are located here. In Noosa, hiking in the Noosa National Park has become popular. Locating the fountains within rainforests has grown very popular. 

Activities at Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast has scenic beauty that provokes the visitors to undertake adventures like

  • The Jet Ski Ocean Adventure and view the beauty of the Sunshine Coast. It is a guided tour which takes you to Noosa Bar. However, you can drive itself to enjoy
  • You can experience adventure if you avail the Noosa Jetboating ride. Moreover, the real thrill is when the boat leaves the jetty and you cruise into the ocean 
  • A new adventurous sport being recognized in the world is kite riding. At the Sunshine Coast, a two-hour training for kiteboarding is organized by experts. These forms of adventure sports are becoming popular nowadays. 
  • Kayaking
  • Windsurfing
  • surfing

For the peaceful and silent need of surfing a bit far from the Sunshine Coast is another beach. This is known as Alexandra Headland, a quieter option for the surfers. Moreover, if you want to explore the forests and mountains all by yourself. Better go for a hike and ride option. Ride bicycles to meander through mountains, forests, and communities.

A Relaxed Australian Beach City Ambiance
A Relaxed Australian Beach City Ambiance

Few Top Places in Sunshine Coast

Many places are fascinating, to name a few

  • The glasshouse mountains national park
  • The glorious ginger factory
  • The Maleny dairy
  • The Hastings Street
  • The Eumundi Market
  • The Australian zoo
  • The Noosa National Park

Reaching Sunshine Coast

By Rail: Electric trains ply between Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. The main station Nambour is where you need to alight for Sunshine Coast. It would take one and a half hours to cover 101kilometer to the north of Brisbane. The station is situated halfway between Caloundra and Noosa head.

Further, it is midway between Blackall ranges and sea. The train journey from Brisbane central station to Nambour will be suitable for tourists only not for residents and office goers.

By Air: Brisbane airport is the nearest airport to the sunshine coast. However, the Sunshine Coast has its airport too. The airport is located near Coolon. From both airports, you either connect bus or taxi services to reach your accommodation. 

By Road: The buses you get from Brisbane airport mostly routes to suburbs. If you wish to travel to Sunshine Coast directly the best way would be to hire a car. It would be a wise option. The charges are standard as per state transport law. So, you have minimum chances of getting cheated.

Guide for Overseas Visitors

  • If you are a non-Australian VISA must be issued from your hometown. You are eligible to stay up to 12 weeks. however, tourists are saved. Additionally, they have no charges for visiting, but if it is for work you need a special permit. The visitors must submit form 48R, they can be availed from any Australian consulate or embassy.
  • If the visitors are from any other part of the world. They should land in Sydney or Melbourne, the major airport terminal in Australia. Then make a forward journey to Brisbane or Sunshine region-based airports.
A Relaxed Australian Beach City Ambiance
A Relaxed Australian Beach City Ambiance

Bottom Line

If partying, glamour and glitters attract you, the Gold Coast is ideal. The most popular destination in Australia. But, if you want a laid-back ambiance with less crowd with similar or more features, you should make it to Sunshine Coast.

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