Travel Guide: Things to do and Places to See in Cape Town

Cape Town has always been one of the biggest tourist destinations in South Africa and internationally, due to its rich history, the windy weather and also its vineyards and the coasts to just sit back and view the ocean and where the two oceans meet it also has so many events that take place there.

Cape Town's location with Table Mountain, Green Point Stadium surrounded by residential area and the ocean is front opposite
photo by andbeyond

Have you ever felt like going to Cape Town by yourself, with your family or taking your friends or colleagues to have fun, learn more about the city or would you prefer to staying in Cape Town permanently by working in the city or you just want to change your location or you prefer the less busy life then Cape Town might be for you it also has the best hospitals and schools in South Africa and also a wide range of Universities and different kinds of rainbow people live here from farmers to BNB and Hotel owners.

Table Mountain in front of the beautiful Cape Town city
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Where is Cape Town?

Southern Africa map showing South Africa in green with a red dot showing Cape Town's location
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Cape Town is mapped at the southwest coast of South Africa in the Province called Western Cape the most spoken languages in Cape Town are English, Xhosa and Afrikaans even though the Afrikaans in Cape Town is not the same as the Afrikaans in Pretoria that is another city mapped in South Africa north of Cape Town, there are also KhoiSan people living in Cape Town although they originate from Northern Cape another Province that is mapped on the northern side of Western Cape.

What is another name for Cape Town?

a map showing Cape Town's location with red pointers
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Cape Town is usually called the Mother City because of its history attached to it according to history the first people who came to South Africa landed in Cape Town first before they moved to different directions and also other countries to find stock and also resources to settle down in South Africa and they also built their homestead and businesses there.

Where can I find accommodation in Cape Town?

Cape Town has different kinds of accommodation for all kinds of people, it has hotels such as Queen Victoria Hotel, One & Only Cape Town to cottages such as The Silo, Squirrels Way Cottage, VIP Cape Cottage, Dark Chocolate, Camps Bay Villa, The Buddha Garden and also apartments like Bo-Kaap or you could buy your own house near the coast or inside the city or you can move outside the city and stay in the vineyards in Bellville or the farms in Ceres or get your own place outside the city, another concern about Cape Town is that the crime rate in certain areas is way too high even tourists will put themselves in danger living there, for instance, Cape Town is known for gangsterism usually it happens in areas where colored people live.

What kind of transport is available in Cape Town?

The City Sightseeing Cape Town tourist bus helps you to view the city while you travel in the city
photo by philandgarth

There are different kinds of transport modes you could use to travel to and out of Cape Town but the city has a bus service that you could use such as the sightseeing bus from the city, My CiTi Bus, Gloden Arrow, or you could use your own car or hire a car or an Uber, Taxify, Metered Taxis, Minibus Taxis or Metrorail Trains to see the view of the city and its sites or you could travel by leg to near and not so distant places and another alternative is to use a Helicopter, Bike or Bicycle to cycle around the complicated roads of the city.

Places to visit in Cape Town

Cape Town has a lot of places to can visit to just relax or find some entertainment or learn more about the culture and history of Cape Town or you could just take a walk around town to see how fascinating the city.

Table Mountain

Table Mountain is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Cape Town you get to participate in extreme sports adventures and get to see the cloudy and windy view of the city using Table Mountain Cable Car and the mountain has other sports you cannot resist.

Table Mountain with the City of Cape Town in front of it
photo by planetware

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

This is another place where you get to see the beautiful landscapes of Cape Town what makes it so unique to the world you get to see different kinds of plants that grow there namely the sunflowers and also see how rich the city is with the green environment.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens showing beautiful sunflowers
photo by planetware

Signal Hill and the Noon Gun

This place has heritage this is where information was sent to other places using flags to inform other people from other countries that there is some land they can occupy and also, they have discovered some minerals they can survive with and also moving to other different places to find shelter.

Signal Hill and the Noon Gun showing a picture of a weapons used during the Anglo Boer War
photo by planetware

Clifton and Camps Bay Beaches

The City has stunning beaches you can sit back and relax with your family, friends, colleagues or all by yourself to enjoy the water and view of the mountain or you could play available activities that suit you or find something you have not tried before.

Clifton and Camps Bay Beaches showing its beautiful coast with the mountain at the back
photo by planetware

The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

If you always wanted to go fishing this is the place where you can start fishing or witness fishing there is also entertainment and also places where you can eat and also catch up of history or you could travel on a boat to feel the breeze of the water.

The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront showing the coast of the city and its boats that are used to transport goods and people to other locations
photo by planetware

Chapman’s Peak Drive

This is where the city’s lanes are so complicated that your car might fall off the road if you are not careful with your driving this part of the city has the most beautiful views you could ever imagine followed by the view of the cost and its rocks.

Chapman’s Peak Drive showing its beautiful mountain with the ocean in front of it
photo by planetware

Robben Island

Although this place is out of the city you have to travel by boat or yacht to get there this place is surrounded by the ocean and this is where former President Nelson Mandela was caught during the oppression system in South Africa when he challenged the unfair laws.

Robben Island showing the main entrance
photo by planetware

Great White Shark Cage Dives

This is where you get to see all kinds of sharks the live on the coast although sharks are harmful you are protected from being attacked by the wild animals with the incredible site you get to witness how they move and stay together as a pack and you get to dive in and experience such.

Great White Shark from Cage Dives swimming inside the ocean
photo by planetware

Cape Town City Hall

This site was built by people who came to seek refuge in South Africa they build this building to get together and discuss their plans and they used the building to store some equipment there that they discovered and some material that came with them from other countries.

Cape Town City Hall surrounded by trees with Table Mountain behind it
photo by planetware

The Heart of Cape Town Museum

What a remarkable achievement for South Africa this place has honored the first heart surgery that was done in Cape Town at the Groote Schuur Hospital by Christiaan Barnard you will get to see what really happened the day of the surgery and what took place to make that decision.

A receptionist answering a phone call from the heart hospital
photo by planetware

Iziko Museums of South Africa

You will get to see a lot of museums such as Bertram House, Bo-Kaap Museum, Groot Constantia, Koopmans-de Wet House, Maritime Centre, Old Town House, Planetarium, Rust en Vreugd in one place that showcases all information about houses that kept and sold slaves to anywhere in the country and the rest of the world this place will show what took place in buying and selling slaves.

Iziko Museums of South Africa showing different kinds of museums
photo by planetware

District Six Museum

This is the place where the white government decided to own this place and only white people were allowed to stay here that meant that anyone who was not white was supposed to find another place to live some were moved to places like Gugulethu is a black township area is still is.

A picture showing the inside of District 6 Museum
photo by planetware

Museum of Contemporary Art Africa

This is the place where you will get to see and experience first-hand all African art in all sizes and how different each artist likes to tell their stories and also what inspired them to learn art and what kind of material, they use to tell us their stories.

Artwork at the Museum of Contemporary Art Africa showcasing different kinds of art made from recycled paper
photo by planetware

Bo Kaap

Here you get to see how colorful the houses in Cape Town are the houses belonged to slaves who were bought by Dutch settlers the houses are indeed breathtaking as they capture how unique each house is and the color says it all this street is always full of color.

Colorful houses in Bo Kaap
photo by planetware

Cape Point

This is the area where the Atlantic and Indian ocean meet you will get to see closely where the two oceans meet this is another unique part of South Africa as it is situated down South in Africa here you will get to view the amazing ocean and also sign your name as part of the people who have landed here.

A view of Cape Point where two oceans meet
photo by planetware

Is Cape Town a place where you can live?

Yes, Cape Town is a place where you can live with your family, friends or you can decide to move here permanently it is well equipped for an individual to stay here it has shopping places to music to historical events and also schools and universities that can cater for anyone who decides to live here even Local Celebrities such as Bonang Matheba and International Celebrities such as Lauren Hill stayed there for a long time and places such as two oceans marathon have been hosted here.

 Is Cape Town a place to travel to?

Yes, it is it has all kinds of destinations you can select from and also destinations you have not tried or heard of in your life you will get to experience a lot of things in so many days because each and every day is an adventure in Cape Town whether is a peace a quiet place or a noisy place Cape Town has it all in one place you do not have to travel far or go outside Cape Town to have fun or being passionate about travel and meeting different kinds of people from all over the world.

 Is Cape Town recognized Internationally?

Cape Town has Indeed been recognized worldwide it is one of the top 100 tourist destinations in the world it has put South Africa on the map worldwide and it has created so many jobs including the 2010 FIFA World Cup this is where more infrastructure such as stadiums was built or renovated to host such a huge event and also the quality of technology, we have is quiet spectacular we even got 9 out of 10 for hosting the event from the former FIFA President we even beat Brazil in hosting the world.

Penguins on the beach enjoying themselves
photo by planetware

How does Cape Town stand out from the rest of the cities in South Africa?

Not only has Cape Town benefited from being the first city that another population has landed on they were captured by the view of the coast and beauty of the land before they turned it into a city it has come alive with its many sites and also its rich heritage from slaves being captive to fighting oppression laws to celebrating our first love of Ubuntu giving a heart to someone who was needed by his family to stay alive we saw that people can be given a second chance to live and also celebrate with your loved ones at Cape Town Carnival and the festival that also hosted international stars even African people have shown us their talents on shows such as Idols South Africa and also have a chance to tell us their stories using museums those who was born in Cape Town and those who experienced the city.

Last but not least the city has a parliament where the President of South Africa addresses the nation in February to begin the year but before the sitting all the parliamentary members get to showcase their sense of fashion on the red carpet you will get the see politicians of different parties engaging with us and also we get to see how much knowledge do they have regarding fashion from suits to two pieces to dresses that are traditional or formal some outfits are just simply some do just not fashion killers some are the talk of the town in a good and bad way the president hosts another address to the nation in October to end the year.

Cape Town is a unique place on its own what I love about it is the wind mix with mist from the mountain and also its mesmerizing view of the oceans and the quietness of the city it is not the same as Johannesburg the city that is always busy but for me, Cape Town is my second love even though it has had its fair share of environmental issues such as field fires that occurred where they city was experiencing hot temperatures and also dryness firefighters managed to cool down the city at the end I really enjoyed staying in Cape Town I want to do it more often alone or with my loved ones.

Its been a long since I took a trip to Cape Town although it is a quiet place I still miss the variety of things to do each and every day as well as the fun I had there just seeing the coastal view and also learning so much about history that made me realize how I love sharing stories with people and also being grateful for the sacrifices and the battles that were won during old years.

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