captivating visitors today with their vivid and colourful depictions

Travel Guide to Turkey’s Cappadocia: The Photographer’s Delight

Covid-19 has created lots of restrictions on visiting different places in the world. However, to quench the thirst of visiting wonderful places, people have chosen social media. Moreover, virtual trips have permitted visitors to know how to update their travel list for a recovered future. Further, if you are interested in photography, Turkey’s Cappadocia would be the ultimate choice. Furthermore, Turkey is known for its cultural, historical, and ecological characteristics. 

captivating visitors today with their vivid and colourful depictions

About Cappadocia

A large inland area occupied by Asia Minores as per ancient geographical data, Cappadocia is a fairytale destination. It is famous in the world for being the only place where history and nature combine. Further, geographical transformations have created fairy chimneys known as Peribacalari. Moreover, the remains represent a of-year-old civilization when people used to curve churches and houses within the earthen chimneys you see today. Furthermore, the ancient people used frisks to decorate the structures. 

captivating visitors today with their vivid and colourful depictions


History has it that before Christianity became a legitimate religion, the Christian fraternity used to hide in caves and underground cities. Further, the Fathers in the 4rth century were strong believers of old Christian philosophy. Notable, John Constantinople, who was a Patriarch of Turkey’s Cappadocia, held office between 517-520. However, the region remained safe through the Byzantine Era. Though conflicts could be accounted for with the Sassanid Empire, followed by the Arabs who were motivated to expand the Islamic religion. Furthermore, between 300 and 1200 AD, Goreme was converted to a monastic center. Moreover, the early settlers in Goreme date back to the Roman Era of Christianity. The mystical houses and churches carved from the soil people see today speak a lot of historical evidence.

captivating visitors today with their vivid and colourful depictions


Cappadocia has emerged as the most desired tourist destination today. It is late to the southeast to Kayseri, a major city, well connected by flight, railways, and bus routes from Istanbul or Ankara. The landscape of Cappadocia was created from sedimentary rocks of streams and rocks. Not only sedimentary rocks but debris from volcanoes that erupted 9-3 million years ago. The villagers found the soil formed by volcanoes very soft, to curve churches, houses, and monasteries into what you can find today. However, in the course of time, Cappadocia underwent erosion to form Minar-like pillars that created a spectacular view. Furthermore, you can find Monast people visiting the Goreme Open Air Museum. Besides, it also houses 9th and 11th-century rock-made chapels and churches of above thirty structures, which inherit splendid frescoes. 

captivating visitors today with their vivid and colourful depictions


Lying between Nigde, Nevsehir, and Aksaray, Cappadocia is a triangular land piece that has miraculous tourist destinations.

Some Noteworthy Tourist Destinations of Turkey’s Cappadocia

In brief, Cappadocia is a place that provides a variety of attractions that seem impossible to be clever in your single life. Further, every day, it provokes you to unearth interesting places that are inscribed in your memories. Not only the underground cities but also the two open-air museums made Turkey’s Cappadocia even more special. You can see spectacular rock formations when you get outside. However, some special tourist sites are mentioned below.

Camel in Turkey
  • The Goreme Open Air Museum
  • The Zelve Open Air Museum
  • The valley of Ihlara
  • The deepest underground city in Derinkuyu
  • The largest underground city in Kaymakli
  • The Uchisar castle

Fascinating Things to do While in Turkey’s Cappadocia

  • How about a ride in a hot air balloon?
  • Balloons are flying.
  • Travel to View Balloons Landing
  • What About Staying at the Local Cave
  • Don’t Miss the Carpet Shops
  • Uchisar Castle a Must-Visit Spot
  • The Valleys
  • Souvenir Shops with immense beauty

Tips to Meander Across Turkey’s Cappadocia

Today, this place in Turkey’s Cappadocia has a significant tourist footfall. Further, why are tourists attracted? It is because of its richness in ecology, history, and culture. The tourists prefer to stay in Gerome and explore the beauties of the nearby Cappadocia.

From the Airport

Don’t worry, from the airport you can avail yourself of transport that is safe and cheap. The Cappadocia airport transfer facility enables a comfortable drive to the hotel.

Visit Cappadocia Sights by Walk

If you wish, Gerome and Cappadocia can be easily connected by walking. The popular tourist sites can be well covered by walking. However, if you are planning for a bigger trip, a tour planner may help.

The two most popular means of transport that are appealing to site visitors are scooters and the ATV. Both of them can be rented. It will cost you 80-100 Turkish Lira to rent a motorcycle for a day. Besides, for renting ATVs you need 35 euros for two hours.

Caution: Don’t forget to carry a valid Travel Insurance Policy or else you won’t be allowed to avail yourself of a scooter or ATV facilities.

captivating visitors today with their vivid and colourful depictions

Alternative Transport

The most popular today are Cappadocia’s Quad cycling tours. Not only its popularity, but also a unique way to see popular sites. 

About Buses

You can get around Cappadocia using standard buses. But traveling between the sights will be easier for you if you use the hop-on, hop-off sightseeing buses. Moreover, these buses allow you to jump off and jump on and experience the splendor of valleys, beautiful landscapes, fairy chimneys, etc. Additionally, you can visit the open-air museum at Zelve or the stone-carved churches. Furthermore, tourists find it the most convenient arrangement for sightseeing.


Nothing like it if you can DIY yourself. It would be an extensive one. But for those who are busy yet seeking a well-organized tour plan, a guide can approach a tour planner. Further, the tour planners can help you arrange hotels, scooters or ATVs, and sightseeing to keep you busy throughout the time. If you are interested in photography, the best would be a Canon camera, like Canon EOS 90D, a tripod, for example, Zomei Z666, a carry bag like Manfrotto Manhattan Mover-50, sunscreen, a water bottle, and a light raincoat.

The Best Seasons

The best time to visit Cappadocia would be April to June, then again September-October.

How about a ride in a Hot Air Balloon at Turkey’s Cappadocia?

Why is Turkey’s Cappadocia popular? Tourists are more interested in acquiring a lifetime experience of riding the iconic hot air balloons. So, tourists from all around the world gather to enjoy the thrill. However, several companies provide your service, but it is TOURMANIA which is the most reputable. Moreover, the hot air balloons and their thrilling presence can be felt all over Turkey courtesy of TOURMANIA company. Within a 1-hr ride in the hot balloons, the breathtaking aerial views of the Cappadocia landscape will leave you gasping. Moreover, you get an opportunity to glide over the fairy pillars or stone-made monuments. If you visit early in the morning, you get an aerial view of sunrise across the horizon of the valley. 

captivating visitors today with their vivid and colourful depictions

More About Hot Air Balloon

The experience gathered by riding the hot air balloons is worth its cost. In the morning hours, it costs around 150 euros, but it’s worth the expense. Further, it is advisable to book tickets in advance to check availability and prices. Moreover, after landing, you will be welcomed with wine and toast.

Marvelous View of Balloons Flying In Turkey’s Cappadocia Sky

Regularly, about 150 no. hot air balloons fly across the Cappadocia sky. The view is mesmerizing. However, your rooftop would be an apt place to experience this fabulous phenomenon. Hence, whichever hotel you choose must have the best view of the sunrise and hoards of balloons flying around the sky.

Travel to View Balloons Landing

Moreover, if you are a bit uneasy about riding a balloon, visiting your nearest balloon would be more exciting than actually riding one. Further, you can ask for guidance about reaching the nearest landing location from your accommodation itself. You will be able to take snaps of the miraculous phenomenon to a certain extent.

What About Staying in the Local Cave in Turkey’s Cappadocia

The locals of Turkey’s Cappadocia have taken advantage of the soft sandstones available in this region. Further, they have created homes in caves, cutting them bigger. Due to the rise in hospitality services, in recent times, a lot of caves, rock formations, and landscapes have been converted to hotels. These are a unique form of accommodation a visitor gets the opportunity to experience natural coolness and a stone-age type of cave life.

Don’t Miss the Carpet Shops During Turkey’s Cappadocia Visit

Mostly, the colorful photographs you see on social media increase your desire to visit that place. Moreover, it is human psychology to capture them in photographs to recapitulate memories. Further, the Cappadocia carpets, especially at Galerie Ikman, are amazing. Furthermore, visitors to the Galleria feel as if they were watching a movie. The shop has gained popularity as a photoshoot hot spot. Moreover, the owner of the shop had devised a structure for those visiting his shop. For taking photos, visitors should buy something.

captivatiAng visitors today with their vivid and colourful depictions

Uchisar Castle a Must-Visit Spot in Turkey’s Cappadocia

Uchisar castle can be reached on foot. It provides a wide panoramic view of the city. It is located at the highest point of Cappadocia. If someone gets a chance to stay at Uchisar, they can enjoy their morning breakfast with its scenic beauty around them. Further, when the roofs of the castle started collapsing, inhabitants who stayed inside the castle fled to safe locations. This abandoned area and castle were converted into a tourist spot.

captivating visitors today with their vivid and colourful depictions

Exploring the Valleys in Turkey’s Cappadocia

The most important tourist attraction in Turkey’s Cappadocia is the valleys. There are many, some which are gorgeous for visitors.

  • The Love Valley -located just outside Gerome, because of the penis-shaped fairy chimneys, has been named so.
  • The pigeon valley – Like the humans who like created their homes in caves. Pigeons have sheltered in secured holes around the area. Which prompted its naming as a pigeon valley.
  • The Rose Valley – Because the land gets red or pink during sunset at Cappadocia, it has been named so.
captivating visitors today with their vivid and colourful depictions

How to Explore

If you wish to explore the valleys, Enka Travel might help you. They conducted a 3 hr tour to cover up all the valley locations. Furthermore, Enka travel provides red, blue, and green packages which you can choose. They are the most popular tour provider in Cappadocia.

Souvenir Shops of Turkey’s Cappadocia

Small and cute souvenir shops can be found everywhere in Cappadocia. Further, you can buy something for yourself and save it as a memento. However, the items can be used for gifting purposes as well. The souvenir shops display Turkish hanging lanterns and small balloon-shaped items to grab your attention.

captivating visitors today with their vivid and colourful depictions

Knowing About Local Food at Turkey’s Cappadocia

Not only delicious Turkish Kebabs but also, to suit your taste, various local cuisines can be tasted at Cappadocia. Furthermore, Pide, Hamus, Pilav, Lahmacun, etc. might suit your taste. Moreover, the dessert Baklava may be preferred by you. You are advised to DIY more and learn the contents of local food that would be suitable for you.

captivating visitors today with their vivid and colourful depictions

About Accommodations in Turkey’s Cappadocia

As per your budget condition, a type of accommodation can be selected. However, there are three options. Luxury, mid-budget, and budget. What tourists seek most is how maximum it can be availed. The Koza Cave hotel is an example of a luxurious stay. Moreover, the Charming cave hotel is a medium-budget one. Finally, the Gerome Palace Stone Hotel is a budget hotel.

captivating visitors today with their vivid and colourful depictions

Formation of Turkey’s Cappadocia

  • The Central Anatolian Region encountered volcanic eruptions three to four million years ago. Further, due to erosion of air and water, it gave rise to the pillar-like formation of Cappadocia fairies. They are known as cotton castles as well.
  • The ashes from volcanic eruptions solidify to form soft rocks called tuff.
  • The landscape of Cappadocia spans 5000km. It is seated at an elevation of 1000 meters above sea level. 
  • It covers three Anatolian provinces, namely Kayseri Nigde, and Nevsehir.
  • The origin of Cappadocia originated from the Persian term Katpaktuya, which relates to the land of beautiful horses. As per records, the local Cappadocia people still retain the horse culture.
  • In 1985, Cappadocia became listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
captivating visitors today with their vivid and colourful depictions

Bottom Line

Turkey’s Cappadocia has a long historical value, notably the Christians. Overages, tourists have visited for the natural beauties and historical influences. Those tourists who are short of time yet desire a perfectly planned trip can take advice from tour planners. Walking on foot will be the most beneficial method for visiting places of interest. However, some alternatives enable tourism. For example, rented scooters and ATVs, Hop-on, Hop-off buses, or Quad trips. If you are visiting at the right time, you can enjoy your trip fully. Moreover, Cappadocia offers you the opportunity to ride hot air balloons. Even if you don’t ride, there are still many options to stay connected to fun activities. Gerome is the main center for tourist gatherings.

captivating visitors today with their vivid and colourful depictions

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