Travel Guide: Top 10 Family Things To Do in Cornwall, England

Cornwall is a county in England located in the South West. It is the location of Great Britain’s most southern point, Lizard Point. It also has one of the UK’s most westerly locations, Land’s End. Cornwall is on the outskirts of the coastline, making it a seaside holiday destination. Distinguished by the friendly locals, pasties (local baked shortcrust pastry filled with beef and vegetables). But also beaches where there are no shortenings. With over 300 beaches across the 300-mile coast.

Land's End
Image found on Biggsy Travels of Land’s End.

Here is a list of selected activities you can do together with your family. Either for a trip or holiday. Cornwall is full of fun adventures suitable for a family. 

1. Newquay Zoo

Newquay Zoo is an award-winning zoo. It won the British & Irish Association of Zoos & Aquariums (BIAZA) in 2019. And it has been awarded the silver award for Wildlife and Marine Attraction of the Year in Cornwall Tourism Awards 2014/15. The Zoo is known for being a great family attraction where you can see some of the world’s most endangered animal species. 

Entrance to Newquay Zoo
Image found on Cornwall Guide of the entry to Newquay Zoo.

You can meet and discover different animals. From the most colourful birds, Brazilian tanager and blue peafowl, to South-American monkeys, white-throated capuchin and squirrel monkey and more.

The Zoo does not receive any grant from the government or financial aid. So, they are reliable on their profit from their visitors to keep the Zoo. But also conservation projects (both locally and abroad). By visiting Newquay Zoo you are donating to the maintenance and upkeep of the Zoo and its conservation project. This makes Newquay Zoo the biggest non-profit charity in Cornwall. 

The Zoo offers something for everybody of all ages and disabilities. Whether it is exploring one of their exhibition, such as African Savannah. Which tries to mimic the ecosystem of some of the migratory groups of animals that frequently are migrating to the savannah areas of Africa. Or if you want to visit the gift shop to buy a souvenir. There are also plenty of food outlets around the Zoo to order takeaway food or drink.

2. Flambards

Sky Force at Flambards
Image found on Visit Cornwall of Sky Force at Flambards.

Flambards it’s a Cornish theme park, located in Helston. It serves as the perfect place for a fun filled family day. The theme park offers a mix of entertainment, with a selection of indoor attractions and outdoor rides. There is something that will guarantee that everyone will have a joyful visit. Both for the little ones and thrill seekers there are plenty of rides and activities to experience. 

For the little ones among other things, there is Dino Express offering a chance to go on a scavenger hunt for dinosaurs and mini golf course. Or they can ride Rocking Tub Boat which presents a great way to imagine what it is to experience being on a rough Cornish Sea. Thrill seekers will be glad to know that Flambards offers Sky Force a spinning ride where you will feel the 3G while spinning 360 degrees. It also offers SkyRaker a ride taking you up before it brings you back down to the ground. And there is more to discover.

3. Cornish Seal Sanctuary

Located in Gweek Village, Cornish Seal Sanctuary is a rescue centre for seals. Taking pride in their seal rehabilitation that eventually leads to the release of the seals. Besides being a temporary home to rescued seals. It is also a loving home to sea lions, penguins and paddock animals. Cornish Seal Sanctuary is dog friendly. They encourage owners to bring their dogs, as long as they will be kept on a leash. 

Cornish Seal Sanctuary
Image found on Trip Advisor of Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

At the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, you can hear about rescue missions and meet the animals. You can explore the behind the scenes of the only Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall. Discovering how the staff are working to rehabilitate and nurture the animals. Or you can get a sneak peek at how the food is prepared for the animals. You can also get a closer look at how a Seal Hospital operates. Cornish Seal Sanctuary also does special events, such as eating breakfast with the pup seals.

You also have the option of helping the Cornish Seal Sanctuary. For example, you can choose to help are through doing work experience or volunteering. You can also donate directly to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary. Or even purchase items on their wish list.  

4. Miniature Golf

Bussiner Crazy Golf.
Image found on Visit Cornwall of entry to Bussiner Crazy Golf.

Cornwall has plenty of locations that offer family friendly miniature golf. From miniature golf courses that are located less than 2 minutes from a Swanpool beach in Falmouth. To Bussiner Crazy Golf which also offers plenty of outdoor seating places and authentic Cream Tea. 

Crazy Golf in Falmouth
Image found on Swanpool Beach of Crazy Golf in Falmouth.

5. Paradise Park Wildlife Sanctuary & JungleBarn Indoor Play Centre

Paradise Park Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Hayle. This is an award-winning Cornish wildlife sanctuary, with tropical birds in exotic gardens.

You can discover over 130 species of stunning birds: the small Abyssinian Lovebird parrots, Collared Falconet, the pink Caribbean Flamingo, Palm Cockatoo and much more. Paradise Park Wildlife Sanctuary offers daily events for the visitors such as goat and sheep feeding. Or when the weather is nice, you can ride on the jungle express train Zebedee taking you around the Paradise Park Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Image found on Paradise Park off JungleBarn Indoor Play Centre.

There is also an Otter Pool cafe which offers plenty of takeaway food options to satisfy your hunger. You can also find here JungleBarn, an indoor play area for children. It’s a great indoor play centre. With giant slides, challenging soft play and a special toddlers’ zone with ball fountain, offering a great fun for children.

Paradise Wildlife Park entrance.
Image found on Rubber Cheese of Entry to paradise Wildlife Park

Over the years, Paradise Park Wildlife Sanctuary has won multiple Cornwall Tourism Awards for wildlife friendly business and experience of the year. This is a popular tourist attraction for the whole family. Because of its popularity booking tickets in advance is essential.

6. Oasis Fun Pools

Swimming Pool at the Oasis Fun Pools in Newquay
Image found on Visit Cornwall of the indoor swimming pool at Oasis Fun Pools.

Oasis Fun Pools located in Newquay, is the biggest indoor and outdoor pool in Cornwall. This is the ideal attraction for the whole family, no matter what weather it is. There are different water attractions that you can imagine, from the classic swimming pools to waterfalls and geyser fountains. Oasis Fun Pools also has a toddler-friendly pool with a slide. The pool is fully accessible for everyone. 

The outdoor pool is a great to cool off during the warm summer period. You can also sunbathe and relax by the poolside. The Oasis Fun Pools come with free onsite parking, welcoming and friendly staff, as well as excellent changing facilities.

Terrace Bar and Restaurant is open all day. It serves delicious food throughout the day. There is also a Coffee Express café that serves sandwiches and pastries, hot drinks and also refreshing smoothies. At Oasis Fun Pools, you have the option to stay at one of their designated camping areas.

7. National Maritime Museum Cornwall 

National Maritime Museum Cornwall is a charity museum. The Museum takes pride in the Cornish sea. It is located by the sea in Falmouth. It is based close to the third largest international natural deep-water harbor.

The museum offers different exhibitions dedicated to issues and the history of maritime. The exhibition is divided into fifteen galleries over five floors. The exhibitions explore the overwhelming influence of the sea on Cornwall’s, the UK’s and global history and culture. National Maritime Museum Cornwall exhibitions seek to bring innovative and diverse viewpoints to issues surrounding marine. The museum underlines how relevant marine knowledge, history and issues are. 

National Maritime Museum in Cornwall
Image found on Visit Cornwall of National Maritime Museum Cornwall

The National Maritime Museum Cornwall offers extraordinary displays that are shown in a short-term period. These displays are usually focused on a certain time in history, like, for instance, the Vikings or Titanic display. The museum also offers storytelling sessions for children, and interactive exhibits. And also the opportunity to head into the basement Tidal Zone to see into the waters of the harbor. 

The admission entry to the museum is reinvested back into the museum. This is used to improve the customer experience at the museum. 

8. Dairyland Farm World

Located in Newquay. This is a family-owned farm and entertainment park. It offers not only the traditional farm interests. But diverse attractions for visitors of all age. Dairyland Farm is a cross between a farm, adventure park and a mini museum.

Photo of Tractor ride at Dairyland Farm.
Image found on Let’s Go With Children off tractor ride at Dairyland Farm.

At Dairyland Farm, you can get up close and personal with the animals. Including lambs, ponies, rabbits, guinea pigs, meerkats, and more. Some of the daily events include bottle feeding the baby animals at the far. Or pat-a-pet, pony rides. You can also have a go at milking the cyber cow, Clarabelle. 

On Dairyland Farm there are trampolines. And a play area for small children, mini tractors, Tarzan House, Aerial Slide, Maypole swing, Frisbee Golf. Dairyland also offers more relaxing alternatives to the attractions, like taking a stroll on the Nature Trail and around lakes. Or you can also explore the environmentally friendly Maize Maze and much more.

There are plenty of picnic zones around Dairyland Farm, including some on the Nature Trail.  You can find two food points, where you can buy fresh dairy products, food and drinks.

9. Camel Creek 

Camel Creek Adventure Park Entrance
Image found on St Ives Bay Holiday Park of the entry to Camel Creek Adventure Park.

Camel Creek Adventure Park is a vibrant and welcoming visitor destination. The park is open all year-round. It is known for uniquely interpreting the legends of the Cornish area. Camel Creek is recognized for delivering great adventure days for the whole family. 

This is an all-weathers attraction. Camel Creek has annual events and activities reflecting the seasons. Offering a range of attractions to satisfy everyone from; indoor and outdoor play, animals, a 5D theatre, various rides and more.

Camel Creek is committed to supporting all things local. This is why they take pride in promoting local accommodation and restaurants that are located nearby. There are also four different restaurants scattered across Camel Creek that you can choose from. From an ice cream parlor, a Treasure Island themed restaurant, a dinosaur packed Dina’s Snack Shack and a restaurant dedicated to burgers, Creeky’s Playhouse. 

10. Meerkats on the Moor

Meerkats on the Moor is a unique experience where you get to sit and play with meerkats. You will have the opportunity to feed the meerkats. And, also you can have them crawl over you and give them a scratch. If you are lucky, you will be able to take pictures with them. And after your experience, you get a traditional Cornish cream tea.

A photo of a Meerkat standing and looking off into the distance.
Image found on Visit Cornwall of one of the meerkats at Meerkats on the Moor.

During the experience, you will get hands on with a group of friendly meerkats. You will be offered the opportunity to hand feed and interact with them. Some of the meerkats may choose to climb on you. The keepers will be right beside you, helping and guiding you. They will answer any of your questions. As well as making sure the experience goes smoothly. Once finished you will have the opportunity to have an authentic and delicious Cornish cream tea. 

Why stay in Cornwall?

View of Cornwall coast.
Image found on The Cornwall Guide of The Lizard.

Ranked as one of the top family destinations in the UK, Cornwall offers an immense range of activities to experience while on a family holiday. Cornwall is full of scenic villages and stunning views. But it also has some amazing beaches, charming gardens and parks. There are plenty of family activities to discover in Cornwall that will guarantee a fun day for the whole family. 

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