Sandusky, Ohio

Travel Guide: Best Places to See and Things to do in Sandusky, Ohio

Rollercoaster rides are the first thing that anyone who is familiar with the area will think of. And who can blame them? Cedar Point is known as the best rollercoaster park in the world. However, Sandusky, Ohio has far more to offer than roller coasters and waterparks. The world’s largest geode, the most approachable Ice Age scars on the planet, ancient lighthouses, classic theatres, wine tasting, and ferry rides. The list goes on and on.

Here are the top things to do in Sandusky, Ohio, USA, so you can plan your trip around them:

Things to do in Sandusky, Ohio

Sandusky, located along the Sandusky Bay shoreline, has been named America’s Best Coastal Small Town! Due to the popularity of year-round indoor water park resorts, this growing destination is known as Ohio’s Water Park Capital and is home to a world-class amusement park, Cedar Point. During the summer, ferries and island-hopping cruises leave from downtown on a daily basis, including an international ferry terminal that offers daily trips to Canada’s Pelee Island.

Sandusky is popular for its beautiful parks, downtown architecture, and rich history, which includes its role in the Underground Railroad. Downtown Sandusky has a variety of delicious restaurants, charming shops, art galleries, numerous attractions, and the historic Sandusky State Theatre.

Cedar point

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Cedar Point is the ultimate destination for thrill-seekers looking for an escape from their mundane lives. If there’s one thing that sets this place apart, it’s their incredible rollercoasters. This place tops the list for its adrenaline-filled theme alone, with around 18 different rides of varying difficulty levels, ranging from a 120 mile/hr dragster to extreme adventure rides like Frontier fling and power tower. Water parks, slides, wave pools, diners, and other kid-friendly attractions are available for those who prefer a more family-friendly environment.

Cedar Point has a sports force spark for sports junkies, best known for its innovative collection of games involving, tracks, ropes, trampolines. If you have teenage children with you, it’s a safe bet that they’ll enjoy it! Cedar Point has so many attractions that it’s nearly impossible to try them all in a single day. There are hotels in the compound’s vicinity. You can also stay in Sandusky, but to truly enjoy all of Cedar’s attractions and specialties, try to make it a multi-day trip. Waterparks. Who doesn’t like them? regardless of age, interests, or whether you come alone, with family, or with a couple of friends Even those who dislike crowds find it difficult to resist the allure of waterparks.

Kalahari resorts

Fun things to do in Sandusky, Ohio
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Kalahari resorts are well-known for their high-quality wave pools, water slides, and lazy rivers. There are so many different types, difficulty levels, and themes available both indoors and outdoors that you may never want to leave! There are other attractions, such as adventure parks, if you get tired of playing with water and reliving your childhood. There is an interactive animal park where you can see birds and camels. Or the outdoor Safari adventure park, which, as the name suggests, includes fun activities such as wall climbing and a sweat-inducing tough rope course.

Why not challenge your friends or cousins if you come to the park with a large group of them? When tourists come to visit, they usually join lodging and pass, because some places deserve a longer duration of time off of your trip to be truly, thoroughly enjoyed.

Merry go round museum

fun things to do in Merry go round museum sandusky, ohio
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I know what you’re thinking, but it’s real: it’s a museum solely dedicated to collecting and restoring merry-go-rounds and related artifacts. Nostalgia can be a powerful motivator, as evidenced by the fact that it is a popular tourist destination for people who want to relive their youth, from watching miniature carousels to colorfully painted horses to half or fully restored merry-go-round carousels.
In the gift shop, you can purchase souvenirs to remember your visit. If you’re an old-timer, an artifact enthusiast, or simply someone who wants to take pictures of antique amusement artifacts, the Merry go round museum cordially invites you.

Ferry trip to Kelly’s Island, Sandusky, Ohio

fun things to do in Sandusky, Ohio,
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If you’re searching for the best sights near Sandusky, let me tell you about two cool islands nearby that you can visit by taking an exciting Jet express ferry ride! The ferry ride takes you to an old lighthouse tour, water sports centers, and resort-themed restaurants. If birdwatching is your thing, you can also go to the location on the bird migration path, Point Pelee. However, plan a day on each island to try to return by evening, dedicating the day next to the other. The islands are named ‘Put-in-Bay’ and ‘Kelly’s Island,’ and any tourist returning to Sandusky will undoubtedly include a ferry ride to these islands on their top five To-Do List.

Great Wolf Lodge

Fun things to do in Sandusky, oHIO
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If you’re moving with your family, I have one exciting, adventurous, and fun-filled tourist attraction that you simply cannot pass up. From pajama parties to magical adventures, crafts to entertainment centers, there’s something for everyone. This will be a family weekend getaway that you will never forget. It’s a lodge, as the name suggests. It provides a comfortable lodging experience for your family, with options ranging from lodge cabins to family suites, as well as all of the basic and luxury amenities you may require.

As you may have discovered during your trip planning that the weather in Ohio can be gloomy, the indoor water park at this lodge is the ideal solution.  There are your traditional slides and pools to take a dip in, then there is a 4-story, 4-story tube slide. For families filled with sports junkies, this is one of the most attractive amusement artifacts available in the region.

Ghostly Manor

Fun things to do in Sandusky, Ohio, US
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Despite what the name suggests, it is not solely focused on horror shows. This is a popular tourist destination because of its exciting recreational activities. There are a variety of activities available to tourists, ranging from a 4D theatre to roller skating services, an arcade for children, and a bouncing house. There is a miniature golf course called “Wizard’s Journey” that goes through obstacles and waterfalls, and the escape room is the most important feature of the trill hub. It is an exciting activity in which you must solve various clues to find your way out of the room.

Bike tour of Sandusky, Ohio

Bike tour
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Some places should be explored slowly. Travel addicts take pride in not only jumping from one attraction to the next but also in discovering hidden gems that other tourists may have missed. Sandusky has rental bike services that can be found everywhere; if you’re a dedicated traveler, checking out the nooks and crannies that have yet to be explored will become much more efficient with a handy bike by your side.

Racing events in Sandusky, Ohio

Speedway in Ohio
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From April to October, there is a speed racing season with exciting events held at the Sandusky Speedway, with everything from modifier cars to mainstream cars participating eagerly. If you enjoy watching or participating in races, this is the place to be. Make sure to check the events on their website ahead of time. Other events included in these adrenaline-pumping evenings include $1 hotdogs and special tours for children.

 ‘The floating prison’ exhibit at the Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum
Source: Maritime Museum

It is, as the name implies, a museum dedicated to artifacts from the region’s maritime history. While you can learn about the area’s commercial fishing and maritime industries, there is some unusual excitement (for a maritime museum) mixed in, such as ‘the floating prison.’ The floating prison used to be a ship with convicts on board that sank and floated near Sandusky. The museum displays authentic artifacts from the shipwreck.

Don’t forget to pick up a local specialty marine-themed souvenir or two to show off to your friends. If you’re tired of waterparks, why not visit this museum? Learn about the area’s fishing industry and maritime history.

Pickerel creeks

wildlife Pickerel creeks sandusky, ohio
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Some tourists prefer to visit zoos, national parks, and wildlife preserves before anything else. If you’re one of them, I have some good news for you. Pickerel Creek is the best place to begin your journey. Sandusky is not only a coastal area with waterparks, but a twenty-mile drive brings you to Pickerel Creeks Wildlife Area, which is crammed with a beautiful natural landscape. There are wooden boardwalks that offer a great view of the surrounding protected forests. Pickerel Creek is a wonderful place to visit if you enjoy wildlife and the scenic beauty of nature.

Best places to eat in Sandusky, Ohio

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You might be hungry after a long day of traveling. Here are some restaurants famous for their own regional specialties, with a rich history and tradition woven into their menu. Sortino’s serves Sicilian cuisine. This popular destination for foodies who enjoy authentic Sicilian cuisine was founded by two immigrant brothers. Their menu features authentic Sicilian cuisine as well as a variety of delectable dishes based on family recipes.

Do you enjoy pizza? Zinc Brasserie is the place to go if you’re hungry. This is a popular foodie destination for all pizza lovers in the area. A budget-friendly dining experience known for its wood-fired pizzas and classic-themed French pizzas.

Castaway bay

Fun things to do in Sandusky, Ohio, Castaway Bay
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This is a one-of-a-kind indoor-waterpark based on the Caribbean theme, with a 6000-foot arcade center and 50-person hot tubs. Unlike other Sandusky lodges and tourist attractions that may have a waterpark as an add-on, this Caribbean-themed castaway Bay is entirely dedicated to its various water slides, wave pools, lagoons, and recreations related to the theme. One thing worth mentioning is that this resort hosts a variety of exciting events on a daily basis. If you intend to visit, it is recommended that you conduct personal research on the events and plan your visit accordingly.

Airboat ride in Sandusky, Ohio

Fun things to do in Sandusky Ohio
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Having spent the day heading from the wave pool to bars and cafes is fun, but nothing beats the view from the sea, on an airboat cruise driven by an original US Coast Guard captain while leaning back and thinking about what a great story it will make to brag about. You can either take a 40-minute day trip to the Bay or a 2-hour evening cruise to enjoy the sights of Sandusky while bathed in urban lights (ideal for a romantic date).

If you’re planning a winter trip, you might want to look into their winter ice fishing trips as well.

The nightlife of Sandusky, Ohio

Nightlife Ohio
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Sandusky may be lacking in dance clubs, but don’t underestimate the allure of a small town! There are cozy bars with fantastic views, as well as cool classical events at night that draw a lot of tourists. Are you a wine expert? Then you should try some of the best wine samples this place has to offer. Taste wines at Firelands Winery, a venerable veteran of the industry founded in 1880.

At the State Theater, you can explore your artistic side. Are you in the mood for a classic film or an art performance? This relic from a bygone era provides a glimpse behind the curtain of entertainment history. Baci Night Club might be a good option if you want to go dancing. If you’re traveling with a partner or looking to meet new people, I recommend spending your evening at Baci nightclub. Keep in mind that this is an adults-only club.

Hidden gems in Sandusky, Ohio

hidden gems in Ohio
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Last but not least, these are some of the town’s hidden gems. Their ranking may change depending on the tourists’ personal interest in their significance. Kelleys Island’s winery ruins are a picturesque location with historical significance. Once upon a time, the Ohio Valley was thought to be an excellent location for grape farming. Diseases and easy access to cheap drinks plagued the Vineyards of the Ohio Valley, and all that remains are ruins of a bygone era, like memorabilia.

If you enjoy geology, go see the world’s largest naturally formed Geode. Although referred to as a crystal cave, it is actually a massive crevice in a single rock known as the world’s largest geode. It was discovered in 1887 by Gustav Heineman’s digging crew while working on the construction of a well. Discover the deep scars left by the Ice Age. Kelleys Island’s glacial grooves are the largest and most easily accessible in the world. It is a national natural landmark that is surrounded by fences. There is indeed a time to plan and then comes the time to execute. Don’t keep waiting for the right time to come along. Simply pack your belongings, request a leave of absence, and embark on your journey.

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