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Travel Guide: Top Surf Destinations to Catch Some Gnarly Waves

Surfing is fun and also an adventurous activity. Good surf offers a rich experience of riding on the waves, racing beyond them, and enjoying the high adrenaline rush. However, the best surfing trip is not only about collecting and packing the surfboard and beach suits. It certainly has more to it- like choosing best surf destinations and getting ready for it!

A surfing trip requires detailed planning and preparation for an excellent ride. And if a person is going surfing with family, they need to prepare for any situation and give the family a good surfing experience. It is because other members of the family may not have experience in riding the waves. For beginners, surfing lessons would be imperative. Before heading for the surfing trip, it is essential to pack the essentials and make surfing preparations in advance.

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Where are the best surfing destinations?

There are several fantastic surfing destinations that give the best experience to surf enthusiasts. Let us look at the best and most popular ones across the globe.


The Maldives offer constant wave swells that make it a superb surfing spot. In addition to the enchanting beaches and ocean treasures, Maldives also has the best surfing waves unfiltered by the tides. The famous surfing locations in the Maldives include Male Atolls and Popoyo.

How to reach Male Atolls: Male Atolls is connected globally by air through the Male International Airport.

How to reach Popoyo: The closest airport to Popoyo is Managua Airport, located 75 km away.

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United States

The United States is treasure-filled with surfing spots, both beginner-friendly and strong riding waves for the pros at surfing. The beaches across the United States, like San Clemente and Ocean City, offer varied landscapes which bring diversity in the surfing waves. This diversity makes surfing an incredible experience.

How to reach San Clemente: One can visit San Clemente by air from John Wayne Airport, located 25 miles from the destination.

How to reach Ocean City: The closest airport to Ocean City is the Baltimore International Airport. There are also trains accessible from nearby cities to Ocean City.

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Indonesia is one of the best and top-rated surfing destinations in the world. The place has consistent surfing waves and is a paradise for surf lovers. Every year, Indonesia welcomes several surfers- both beginners and experienced, who head to the destination to explore surfing waves and ride them.  Bali is a good surfing destination and has activities for both surfers and non-surfers. It has powerful waves and varying waves for surfers and beautiful beaches, and friendly beach clubs for non-surfers to indulge in recreational activities. Some of the best surfing locations in Bali include Uluwatu and Padang. There are also kite surfing facilities in Sanur in Bali.

How to reach Bali: One can reach Bali by air from the Ngurah Rai International Airport or Denpasar International Airport. One can also travel by road and by bus from Jakarta or Java.

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Mauritius is an ideal location both for surfers and vacationers looking for mesmerizing beaches. The destination offers superbly thrilling beaches, a subtropical beach climate, and several activities. In addition to surfing, beachgoers and surfers can also indulge in adventure activities like water skiing, seabed snorkeling, swimming with cute dolphins, and skinny dipping. Some of the best surfing places in Mauritius include Le Morne and Tamarin Bay.

How to reach Le Morne: One can take a taxi from Mauritius airport and nearby cities to Le Morne.

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Nazare in Portugal has the most significant waves for surfers to enjoy. The place recorded the first 100-foot wave a surfer has ever attempted to surf. It is possible because of the 16000 feet deep underwater canyon located on the seabed. The waves that Nazare offers are attemptable only by expert surfers.

How to reach Nazare: The nearest airport to Nazare is the Lisbon Portella Airport. One can drive from the airport and reach the destination in an hour.  There are also bus services from Lisbon to Nazare.

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Les Cavaliers in France is a superb surfing destination for families. The big waves of the area enable surf groups to host surfing events and competitions regularly. Le Cavaliers also hosted the WSL world tour many times. The beach witnesses thousands of surf enthusiasts and crowds during the summers.

How to reach Les Cavaliers: The nearest airport is the Nice Cote d-Azur Airport, located 10 mins.

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The Sergio Islands in the Philippines have the perfect waves for surfers and stand among the best surfing destinations globally. The sea in this area presents thick waves that surfers love and enjoy. The best part about Sergio Islands is that it exists in a remote place, meaning there is no vast crowd around.

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Norway’s waves and waters are ice cold, but never stop surfing enthusiasts from jumping in there too. The beaches are not very crowded and make it easy for surfers to enjoy a good ride. All they need is an excellent thick surfing suit! One of the best-surfing destinations in Norway is the Lofoten Islands.

How to reach Lofoten Islands: One can reach Lofoten by air from Oslo, Stavanger, or Bergen.  There are also boat services from Bergen to the Lofoten Islands.

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Costa Rica

Playa Grande in Costa Rica is a delight for both surfers and beach lovers. In addition to the massive south swell for surfers to ride, the location also offers mesmerizing sunsets. The waters in Costa Rica remain warm throughout the year and make for an enjoyable surfing experience.

How to reach Playa Grande: One can reach Playa Grande by road from Huacas or Tamarindo. There are water taxis available from these places to Playa Grande.

Costa Rica
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Mozambique is a treasured surfer’s paradise. A new location, the place has small beaches and great tides for surfers to enjoy. The place is perfect for both surfing beginners and experts. The best part is Tofinho Beach, which offers excellent surf breaks and surf destinations.

How to reach Mozambique: One can reach Mozambique by air flight from Zimbabwe, Kenya, or Ethiopia. There are rail services from Nampula to Cuamba.

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The ‘Pipeline,’ located in Hawaii, is the most sought-after surfing location in the world. The waves in this area reach up to 9 feet in height! That’s a divine and dangerous surfing wave to ride on. The ‘Pipeline’ is suitable for pros and experts of the surfing world as the waves can get fatal for beginners. It is a place that features on the bucket list of every surfer.

How to reach Hawaii: One can fly to Honolulu Airport from major cities in Hawaii.

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Jeffrey’s Bay

Jeffrey Bay is a surfing haven and has some of the incredible surfing waves to ride. The area offers surfing waves apt for both beginners and experts. Beginners can ride on the small waves while experts can head to the ‘supertube.’

How to reach Jeffrey’s Bay: One can travel to the destination by road, by car or taxi from Port Elizabeth.

Jeffrey's Beach
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Sennen Cove

If you are the kind of surfer who loves a quiet location to ride the waves, head to Sennen Cove in Cornwall. The beaches in this location are quiet and offer a serene atmosphere for surfers to enjoy. The waves are also consistent and clear.

Jeffrey's Beach with glistening waters
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Morocco has thrilling surfing destinations with waves suitable for both beginners and experienced surfers. Places like La Source, Safi, and Anchor Point are challenging surfing spots for the experienced, while Hash Point is perfect for first-time surfers. In addition to the surf, travelers can also enjoy the local towns and coastline with a variety of traditional items. Surfers will also get surfboards on rent from these local shops.

How to reach Morocco: One can fly to Morocco, connected with all major cities.

Sennen Cove
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Bondi Beach in Australia is perfect for surfing and a popular one too. The beach gives scenic waves for non-surfers with clear blue waters and has a consistent wave swell for surf enthusiasts. Bondi witnesses thousands of surfers who throng the destination every year.

How to reach Bondi Beach: One can take a bus by train from Sydney to Bondi Beach. One can fly to Sydney International Airport and take a bus/ train to Bondi Beach.

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Cloudbreak in Fiji is one of the mighty surfing waves ever for adventure surfers. The surfing waves in this place reach the 200 feet mark and are perfect for pro surfers. The shallow reef underneath offers consistent waves throughout the year. Cloudbreak was earlier a remote destination that has opened up recently.

How to reach Fiji: One can travel to Fiji by air to the Nadi International Airport, located on Viti Levu island.

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Surfing Tips and Tricks

The following are things to consider for the perfect surfing experience:

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Perfect Surf Destination

Selecting the perfect surfing destinations is a priority. Though there are great surfing spots worldwide, one should overview and analyze the surfing forecasts before knowing where to get the best surfing waves. A surf forecast is a report that forecasts the climate and characteristics of the surfing spot for a specific time or season. The report helps the surfer determine the wave swell timings and become the best for good surf. Choose a good surfing destination, depending on the best forecast, and guarantee a massive wave to ride on!

For surfers who visit with family who are non-surfers, they should select a location that offers not only sound surfing waves but also has a fantastic beach with a view. A beach with surfing waves and opportunities for engaging, adventurous activities like water snorkeling and scuba diving is a perfect choice!

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Ready the Surfboard

A well-prepared and maintained surfboard gives a thrilling and extraordinary surfing experience. A surfboard witnesses much wear and tear with time. As such, surfers should get a good surfboard with good padding (at least 7mm thick) to get a good wave ride. For surfers who want an oversized surfboard, they can opt for a board with at least 10mm padding. Carry more than a single surfboard to avoid any hassles at the destination. Pack the surfing essentials in a suitable bag and a surfboard bag too, so that no damage occurs to the surfing gear.

Surfing Must-Haves

Pack all surfing must-haves for surfing destinations like surf wax, leashes, and surfboard fins along with the surfboard. An additional bag of surf accessories is a good carry! Also, pack duct tape and surf glued stickers to quick-fix the board in case of emergencies. Additionally, pack a surfer first-aid kit for every medical emergency and sun care must-haves to protect the skin.

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Surfing Lessons

If the surfer’s family member is an inexperienced surfer, enrolling them in surfing lessons before the ride is essential. Surfing beginners should mandatorily attend a surfing school. It would protect them from any surfing mishaps and medical emergencies. Many surf schools near the beach offer basic surfing lessons for beginner surfers. The surfing lessons include ways to handle the surfboard, detailed information about surfboard wave patterns, water currents, and essential tips for a good surfing experience.


Any trip becomes incomplete without money in hand. It is the first thing that a surfer would require to join a surf school: accommodation and food. Budget the trip well and prepare in advance and carry the money required for the surfing trip.

Surfers Camp

Every surfing destination has surfers- both beginners and experienced ones! One should enjoy the company of fellow surfers to learn more about surfing and enjoy the trip. Experienced and professional surfers can always share valuable tips and tricks for good surfing. The surfing beaches also have mini surf camps for surfers to mingle and enjoy the beach’s activities and facilities. Make sure to book a surfing camp and get along with fellow surfers. Surfing camps also rent out surf equipment for surfers.

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Surf Charter

Nowadays, many surf charters offer the best surfing experiences and surfing spots across the world. Surf chatter is more or like a ‘floating hotel’ with all the provisions needed for the best surfing experience. Additionally, a surfer will also get in-depth information about the best surfing spots and where to ride.

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A successful and thrilling surfing trip becomes superbly enjoyable when surfers and non-surfers both enjoy the beach and the waves. Always conduct good research on the surfing destinations, forecasts and choose the best spot for a fantastic experience.

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