Huntington Beach, California

Travel Guide: Top Things to Do in Huntington Beach, California (Surf City USA)

Huntington Beach, California, is a well-known surfing destination known as Surf City, USA. The city’s 9.5-mile-long sandy ocean side attracts a large number of visitors all year, and many have chosen to stay, making Huntington Beach one of the West Coast’s fastest developing urban areas. Huntington Beach, California, has an intriguing ocean-side town vibe that is half thrilling and half laid-back, and all visitors appear to have strong feelings for it. Guests can dine at exceptional cafés or plan a heartfelt wedding. Here are the top things to do in Huntington Beach, California.

Best things to do in Huntington Beach, California,

Huntington City Beach

Huntington Beach California From Above
Source: US News Travel

Huntington City Beach, which stretches for more than three miles along the shore, is the postcard setting of the midtown locale. This expansive oceanfront space provides everything you need for a fun day in the sun. Guests will also notice volleyball nets, fire pits, snack bars, and public restrooms with showers close to exceptionally prepared lifeguards. The Huntington Beach Pier is the ocean side’s main attraction. On the wharf, rentals such as fishing equipment and kites are available, as well as fantastic seats to take in the scenery. A significant number of sunbathers and ocean-side loungers will frequently end up on one or the other side of the wharf.

The Huntington Beach Bike Trail is a well-known route that runs along the ocean’s backside. This cleared path parallels the entire length of the city’s coastline. Guests can ride their bikes to Huntington State Beach to the south and Huntington Dog Beach to the north via the Beach Bike Trail. Huntington City Beach attracts a large number of visitors each year, as well as professional athletic rivalries such as the US Open of Surfing. It’s one of Southern California’s most famous seashores and a must-see on any seaside excursion.

Huntington Beach Pier

Rubys Diner, things to do in Huntington beach pier
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The Huntington Beach Pier stretches out over the sea from downtown Main Street. It’s a well-known landmark in the city and a must-see attraction. Each of the 1,800 feet of the dock is lined with casting rods and photograph open doors, and mostly down, a specialty kite store gladly demonstrates the capabilities of their high-flying kites and decorations. Other businesses on the wharf include the Surf City Store, which specializes in keepsakes and ocean-side gifts, as well as Let’s Go Fishing, which offers fishing rentals and a tackle shop. Furthermore, surfers get waves on one or the other side of the dock and occasionally ride underneath the wharf if the conditions are favorable.

Downtown Huntington Beach

Things to do in Downtown Huntington Beach
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The palm trees on Main Street, as well as the nearby sea, complement the shops and cafés. Surf shops, gift shops, and classic attire, as well as the most recent in oceanside style and planning, occupy a significant portion of this midtown area. Shopping and dining are also available on the adjacent Fifth Street and along the Coast Highway. It’s a great place to walk around and look at some clothing racks and table presentations on the walkways outside with the normally lovely figure. Further south on the Coast Highway, Pacific City has a plethora of retail shops to explore, as well as pleasant parlor areas with a waterfront.

Huntington Central Park

Things to do in Huntington Central Park
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Huntington Central Park is Orange County’s largest city-claimed park, spanning 356 acres and offering nearly limitless opportunities to enjoy the natural environment. This sprawling park is divided into East and West sections on either side of Goldenwest Street. Furthermore, both sides have a growing collection of local area attractions. The Huntington Beach Central Library and a contiguous Secret Garden can be found in Huntington Central Park East. This raucous recreation area also has a winding cleared trail that explores the completely open forest and natural surroundings. Along this path, the Park Bench Café is a dog-friendly spot for casual breakfast outside.

Huntington Central Park West, on the other side of Goldenwest, has similar attractions to the Shipley Nature Center, highlighting bird, butterfly, and hummingbird gardens. A player-favorite circle green is also on the west side of the recreation area, as is a mobile ace shop selling Frisbees and tidbits. Walking or hiking the paths is an excellent way to get a feel for one or both sides of this massive park. Seats and grand sitting areas line the paths, making for great places to pack an excursion. Practice stations also line the 1.2-mile course, providing 18 different wellness stations that energize some broadly educating. Huntington Beach, California 18381 Goldenwest Street.

Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve

Things to do in Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve
Source: California Department of Fish and Wildlife

The Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve is a 13,000-acre beachfront estuary located north of downtown. It’s a popular destination for birders and photographers, but it’s less well-known for wild animals and birds. The hold encompasses a four-mile network of trails that connect beautiful perspectives all through the unique proclivity. Bolsa Chica’s scenery includes salt bogs, seaside ridges, and wetlands. The Bolsa Chica Conservancy’s on-site Interpretive Center provides additional information about the basic living area, as well as free docent-led tours on weekends. Huntington Beach, California, 18000 CA-1.

Pacific City

Things to do in Pacific city
Source: Orange Coast magazine

Pacific City is a bustling collection of retail, administration, and dining establishments arranged on lovely grounds. This shopping experience is located on the Pacific Coast Highway, about a half-mile south of the Huntington Beach Pier. This fashionable mall features fashionable clothing brands, new flavors, and a hotel-style recreation center with a comfortable parlor and seating areas spread throughout. Lot 579, the American food lobby, satisfies wanderlust in Pacific City, and planned events such as film and yoga evenings are quite important on the calendar. Huntington Beach, California, 21010 Pacific Coast Highway

Huntington Beach Art Center

Huntington Beach Art Center
Source: Huntington Beach Art Center

The Huntington Beach Art Center, located on Main Street, a short walk from the midtown area, displays a diverse collection of rotating works of art. The gallery encompasses a variety of mediums, and previous exhibitions have included “The Art and Soul of Surfing” and “The Wonderful World of Comics.” Along with adequate craftsmanship on display, the Art Center also hosts monthly meetups and family craftsmanship days. Schooling programs are also available at the Art Center, with specific classes designed for adults and teenagers, young people, and preschoolers. The center also hosts a Summer Art Camp for children ages 6 to 12. Huntington Beach, California 538 Main Street

Old World Village

Old world village, California beaches
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Old World Village is a charming Bavarian amusement area on the city’s northside, near the intersection of I-405 and Beach Boulevard. Cobblestone streets line this minimalist business district, which is lit up at night. A few themed shops and cafés are also called among the Old World road signs. You can’t beat the legitimate admission for feasting, similar to bratwurst and schnitzel at the town’s German Restaurant. Other nearby culinary adventures include Turkish espresso at The Coffee Table and baked goods at Gourmet Strudel and Cafe. The German Deli is also well-known, specializing in freshly made sandwiches and a variety of other items to go. At Old World Village, the shopping options range from instruments to design in stores and salons.

Shipley Nature Center

Shipley Nature Center Huntington beach
Source: Shipley Nature Center

Shipley Nature Center maintains 18 acres of normal California land within Huntington Central Park West. This scene incorporates eight distinct environments, ranging from Torrey pine woods to a clean waterfront. Untamed life, particularly birds, is frequently found amid this protected land, so bring your binoculars. The property is explored via a half-mile interpretive path. First-time visitors are advised to seek out a path guide who is familiar with the vegetation encountered along the way.

Visitors are also encouraged to visit the Interpretive Center at Shipley, where lifelike models and displays provide a better understanding of the area. The Nature Center consistently has a few projects and studios. The fertilizing soil classes, which are offered in the spring and fall, are perhaps the most well-known.

Huntington Dog Beach

thungs to do in Huntington Dog Beach
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Huntington Dog Beach is possibly the happiest place in Huntington Beach. This is because this 1.5-mile stretch of sand is “off-rope discretionary” for canine companions, giving them plenty of space to meander aimlessly. The Huntington Dog Beach stretches from Goldenwest Street to Seapoint Street, resembling the Pacific Coast Highway the entire way. The nearest stopping points are two massive parcels north of Goldenwest Street. Huntington Dog Beach is not enclosed. Owners are approached to look after their pet, and canine packs are available.

Surf City Nights

Surf city nights
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Surf City Nights takes over more than three squares of Main Street in midtown Huntington Beach every Tuesday after 5 p.m. This local area celebration truly gets as the sun sets on the adjoining Huntington Beach Pier, with unrecorded music at each convergence and two long lines of privately made specialties and natural produce. Food trucks also arrive and set up shop, offering roadside treats such as burritos, empanadas, and burgers. The great energy and cheer are almost electric during this neighborhood celebration, and simply watching people walk by is essential for the experience.

Huntington Beach Central Library

Huntington Beach Central Library
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The Huntington Beach Central Library is a magnificent piece of public property that is well worth a visit even if you don’t need to look at a book. It’s located within Huntington Central Park East, among riparian forest sections of land. The Central Library has indoor fountains, tangled book columns, half floors, and an overflow of study space equipped with outlets. It’s a one-of-a-kind space, and fans of public libraries should visit it, as well as take a look at the Secret Garden through the library’s secondary passage. This xeriscape garden immerses visitors in a vibrant Southern California scene. Huntington Beach, California 7111 Talbert Avenue

Huntington Harbor

Things to do in Huntington Harbor
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Huntington Harbor is a collection of man-made islands and docking areas. This well-known and grand harbor is located near Seal and Sunset Beach on the city’s northwest tip. Furthermore, getting to the sea from the harbor is simple by exploring beneath the Pacific Coast Highway using a scaffold. Two-hour visitor slips are available for those who want to stop their boat and enjoy the promenade, and the on-site Peter’s Landing Marina offers a variety of boat rentals. Peter’s Landing Marina is also where you can book authorized fishing trips.

Newland House Museum

Newland House Museum
Source: Newland House Museum

The Newland House, built-in 1898 for the Newland Family and their ten children, is now the most seasoned and well-kept home in Huntington Beach. The exhibition hall provides a genuine glimpse into a time when there was significantly less traffic in California. The Huntington Beach Historical Society provides tours and maintains the Newland House Museum. Visits are available on the first and third days of each month. The adjacent Newland Barn features current redesigns as well as rentable space for extraordinary events. Huntington Beach, California, 19820 Beach Boulevard

Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway
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Huntington Beach is an unmistakable stop along the Pacific Coast Highway, also known as California State Route 1. This infamous street runs the length of Huntington Beach’s coastline, isolating major attractions such as Main Street and the Huntington Beach Pier. The Pacific Coast Highway curves around 600 miles of California coastline, connecting a few other notable places to visit such as Pismo Beach, Big Sur, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco. Furthermore, near its northern terminus, the interstate cuts deep into Northern California’s Redwood Country.

Other worthwhile stops on an excursion include the postcard-worthy cities of Newport and Laguna Beach, which are located directly south of Huntington Beach. State Route 1 connects with Long Beach and Santa Monica to the north of Huntington Beach, just outside of Los Angeles. This extensive list of attractions cements California State Route 1 as a top West Coast excursion. Inns line the route, and numerous state parks, public backwoods, and camping areas are also off the expressway.

Nightlife and Cuisine Huntington Beach, CA

Bungalow Nightlife
The Bungalow Club, Source: Visit Huntington

Clubs and Bars in Huntington Beach

St. Marc’s (Bar): Indoor-outdoor Saint-Marc is a restaurant, but it’s also a bar with a monster lager pong table, brew aircraft, wine on draught, implanted vodkas, red Solo Cup mixed drinks, and, uh, jello shots! If you get hungry, food ranges from cheddar sheets to New Orleans-curved dinners, or you can simply go for bacon by the cut from the bacon bar.

Bungalow (Club): This cool Santa Monica landmark has opened a second location in Pacific City and with its mix of parlor spaces, outside deck, comfortable, natural classic plan, specialty mixed drinks, and DJs who know how to get the crowd moving.

Baja Sharkeez (bar and diner): A lively bar and restaurant with a basic Mexican menu and a variety of margaritas attract partygoers and game-day attendees. They authorize a dress code during their end-of-week evenings because they make a dance floor available to give it a “club” theme. During the day, it’s casual, and at the end of the week, it’s more upscale and relaxed.

Huntington Beach Cafés

Degrees: 25 Degrees, located on the Huntington Beach Pier, is an American burger joint with a twist. The café serves exceptional and fantastic burgers and is named after the precise temperature difference between a bad and a good burger. Aside from its dishes, 25 Degrees ensures that its customers enjoy their meals in a warm, lively environment.

Secret Spot: Secret Spot, a nearby family favorite, is a veggie lover and vegetarian cordial eatery. It has earned the reputation of being the location that serves ‘kind quality food from kind, solid individuals,’ providing visitors with the best options while maintaining the delicious types of Mexican, vegan cooking. Many customers come in for breakfast and early lunch specifically for the café’s popular breakfast burrito and mango blueberry hotcakes.

Black Trumpet Bistro: The Black Trumpet Bistro, a well-known nightspot in Huntington Beach, serves a wide range of Mediterranean food such as tapas with hints of Italian, French, Spanish, Greek, and Moroccan influences. It also showcases a wide range of traditional dishes. For example, Moroccan chicken tagine and handcrafted Italian pasta.


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