Kelimutu- Volcanic Destinations

Travel Guide: Volcano Destinations Around the World

When we mention vacation, all we think about are naturally beautiful landscapes, relaxing environments and exotic locations. But do you ever think of volcanoes or volcano destinations? It might sound scary, but volcanoes are beautiful in their own way! Volcanoes are also good vacation destinations, and more thrilling for the adventure lover who want to explore the geological element.

How fascinating it would be to stand along the rim of an active volcanic and experience the forming of lava (of course of a volcano not erupting anytime soon)! Witnessing a volcano spew out glowing lava and ash is a sight in itself. Yes it does sound dangerous and true to say, is disastrous, but it surely be an experience of a lifetime!

Let us see the topmost volcano destinations of the world that are a sight to behold.


Mount Fuji- Volcano Destinations
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Mount Fuji in Tokyo

Speaking of volcano destinations, Mount Fuji is sure to feature on the list! Though it’s been over 300 years since the volcano erupted last in 1708, it is still considered an active volcano. The Mount Fuji volcano and mountain gives a picturesque sight from Tokyo city. It is also the highest mountain peak of Japan. In addition to being a volcanic destination, Mount Fuji is also a good place for paragliding and a ski resort destination during winters.  The mountain stands at a height of 3,776 meters tall.

Mauna Loa and Kilauea in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Hawaii and volcanoes go together! The place not only has one but several active volcanoes. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has two of them- the Kilauea, a super-active volcano, and Mauna Loa- the biggest of volcanoes of the world. The Kilauea volcano last erupted in 2018 and has been continually erupting every now and then. Mauna Loa volcano last erupted in 1984. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is one of the most volcanically active locations of the world. Mauna Loa stands at a height of 4,169 meters and Kilauea at 1,247 meters tall.

Mount Teide in Tenerife

The highest peak of Spain, Mount Teide, lists as an active volcano, though it last erupted way back in 1909. Tourists can witness the majestic volcanic mountain atop a cable car and take a three hour trek atop the mountain to see the cauldron where the lava magic happens! The mountain is an UNESCO World Heritage Site for its geologically diverse characteristics. Mount Teide stands tall at a height of 3,178 meters.


Kelimutu- Volcano Destinations
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Kelimutu Volcano in Indonesia

The Kelimutu Volcano, standing tall at 1639 meters on Flores Island of Indonesia is a unique volcano destination. The uniqueness of this volcano is that the volcano doesn’t spew out fire and lava. Instead, it has beautifully and attractive colored lakes that changes colour from glacial blue to green and muddy red to black. This change of colour purely depends on the volcanic action that occurs inside the crater. The Kelimutu Volcano last erupted in 1968.

Mount Etna in Sicily

Mount Etna is one of the prominently active volcanoes of the world. It is the biggest across Europe and stands towering tall at 3329 meters. The volcano erupts now and then spewing out lava and aesthetically pleasing smoke rings into the atmosphere. Tourists can visit the volcano atop a cable car and then trek to the summit. Make sure to carry warm clothes, as contrasting it may sound, the temperatures atop the volcanic mountain is pretty chilling. One of the characteristic features of Mount Etna is that every time the volcano erupts, it shrinks in size and becomes shorter. So, hurry and visit while its Europe’s number 1! The volcano last erupted in 2017.

Sakurajima in Japan

One of the super active volcanoes of Japan is the Sakurajima volcanic mountain. The mountain is a volcanic exhibitionist and a delight for tourists who want to see volcanoes. On its active eruptions, the volcano shoots loads of ash and smoke high up around sixteen thousand feet into the air. The super active state of the volcano means that the surrounding areas are constantly shrouded in layers of ash. Tourists can view the volcano in its active state from kilometers away. It is a perfect destination for adventure lovers who want to see a volcanic eruption live and up close! Sakurajima can erupt on an average of three times a day. That’s surely a lot! In addition to being a volcano destination, Sakurajima also offers attractions like thermal foot spas, lava trek trails and a children’s dinosaur park. The volcano last erupted in 2018 and stands tall at a height of 1,117 meters.


Mount Kilimanjaro- Volcano Destinations
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 Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

This mountain is a sleeping giant! It is the tallest volcano and the highest mountain of Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro as volcano destinations every year attracts thousands of adventure lovers, mountain climbers as well as tourists who visit to have a look at the volcano. However, tourists can just see the crater; there is no volcanic activity in Mount Kilimanjaro. Two of the volcanic cones of the mountain are extinct and the third one is dormant.  Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most picturesque volcanoes of the world with its snow-capped heights against the African savannah giving it a mesmerizing sight for photographers. One can also spot wildlife species like elephants and giraffes amidst the backdrop.  Take a safari tour on the Kilimanjaro National Park to relieve the wildlife and the picturesque mountain sights. The last eruption of Mount Kilimanjaro was around 150,000 to 200,000 years back and the mountain stands at a height of 4,900 meters tall.

Whakaari /White Island in New Zealand

It is a glorious underwater volcano with its tip hollering out on the White Island. Due to its underwater presence, tourists will witness much of hissing, bubbling and spitting sounds across the location. There is also a lake of spewing acid, bubbling boiling mud, thermal streams and lots of stinking sulfur that hues the ground in orange and yellow colors. If altitudes aren’t your thing, then this volcano is a must-visit at 321 meters. Reach the White Island in a boat tour and explore the volcano to your fill. The volcano last erupted in 2017.

Mayon Volcano in Philippines

Mayon volcano is one of the best shape formation volcano destinations of the world. the shape is a symmetrical design with a perfectly shaped conical configuration. The volcano erupts regularly and last erupted in 2018. It is one of the most active volcanoes of Philippines and spews out lava and ash to heights of up to five hundred meters in the sky. Mayon volcano mountain stands tall at a height of 2,463meters.

Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland

The Eyjafjallajökull is a frozen volcanic mountain. The last eruption was in 2010 with eruptions of ash and smoke that was severe enough to disrupt flights. The Eyjafjallajökull spans across the landscape of Iceland and isn’t a typical stand-alone volcano. The volcano stands tall at 1,651 meters.


Mount Aso Japan
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Mount Aso in Japan

It is one of the most active volcanoes of Japan with one of the biggest calderas in the world. Tourists can visit the landscape and the mountain by shuttle bus that takes visitors to the edge of the crater. The volcano last erupted in 2016 and stands at a height of 1592 meters. One can also stay the night in campsites located in the mountain and enjoy in the hot springs spread across the area.

Mount Vesuvius in Italy

It is one of the most popular volcanoes and volcano destinations of the world and last erupted in 1944. The volcano mountain stands tall at 1,281 meters and is the fifth highest mountain in the UK.  The sights of bubbling streams and a pungent smell of sulphur attracts tourists to the crater.

Mount Stromboli in Italy

Standing tall at 924 meters, the Mount Stromboli volcano is one of the active volcanoes of Italy with three active craters. One of the distinctive characteristic of Mount Stromboli is the Sciara del Fuoco, a horse-shoe shaped depression in the popular as the stream of fire. The volcano last erupted in 2009.

Concepcion and Maderas in Nicaragua

Concepcion is an active volcano with its last eruption in 1999. The volcano has fertile soil that surrounds the sprawling landscape and the thick forest beyond it. It is the second highest volcano in Nicaragua and stands tall at 1610 meters. The Maderas volcano, at 1394 meters is smaller than the Concepcion and has a crater-lake and rich biodiversity. Tourists will be happy to witness varied species of salamander, monkeys, birds and orchids in Maderas volcano destinations.


Cotopaxi Ecuador
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Cotopaxi in Ecuador

It is one of the active volcanoes of Ecuador and have erupted several times over the last 300 years. Standing tall at 5897 meters, the volcano last erupted in 2016 and is strategically a part of the popular “Avenue of Volcanoes,” of Ecuador. The Avenues of Volcanoes is a 200-mile stretch landscape with several active volcano peaks and mountains. Cotopaxi is a unique volcano destination because of its attractive symmetrical conical shape that rises high up into the sky. Tourists can visit the Cotopaxi National Park and hike to the top of the mountain.

Arenal in Costa Rica

The attractive Arenal volcano destinations mountain of Costa Rica last erupted in 2010 and stands tall at 1670 meters. The mountain is set amidst a great backdrop of green landscape and the Lake Arenal. Arenal is considered a young volcano, with experts believing that the volcano first erupted 7,000 years back.  Tourists can visit the Arenal National Park and take a trek to the summit to witness the hot springs. One can also plan a stay-in at the thermal resorts located nearby.

Mount Merapi in Indonesia

Mount Merapi in Java is the super active volcano of Indonesia.  The distinctive characteristic feature of the volcano is that it spews massive clouds of heated ash and bellowing gas that travel fastest at 400 miles per hour into the sky. It stands tall at 2910 meters and last erupted in 2021.


Mount Pinatubo 1991 Eruption
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Mount Pinatubo in Philippines

The Mount Pinatubo volcano of Philippines is one of the most active volcanoes of the region. It last came into headlines of spewing out the second largest eruption of the 20th century in 1991 when it spewed a massive cloud of ash 22 miles high into the air with 1.2 cubic miles of lava destroying settlements and killing many. Tourists can take a jeep tour to the top of the volcano and hike to the summit to the turquoise-hued crater lake. The volcano mountain stands tall at 1486 meters and last eruption was in 1993.

Iztaccihuatl in Mexico

Iztaccihuatl lies in the Trans-Mexico Volcanic Belt which consists of some of the super active volcanoes in south-central Mexico. It is a dormant volcano mountain standing tall at 5230 meters. The term Iztaccihuatl translates to ‘sleeping woman,’ due to its shape that witnessed from a distance one will see the shape of a woman lying on her back. Iztaccihuatl is the third highest mountain in Mexico.

Villarica in Chile

The volcano destinations have two names- Villarica and Rucapillán, which refers to the ‘house of the devil.’ It is because of its super active state! The mountain stands tall at a height of 9,340 feet and last erupted in 2020. A unique characteristic of this volcano is that as the peak remains covered in snow predominantly throughout the year, the eruptions that occurs lead to lava flows that melt the ice. This subsequently causes massive deadly mudslides across the region.

Sangay in Ecuador

This is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and a super active volcano that is erupting since 1034. The volcano stands at 5286 meters and last erupted in 2020. The mountain sits stop two sensitive pieces of crust which is why there is lot of volcanic and seismic activity in the region.  Tourists can visit the Sangay National Park to witness diverse ecosystems.


Mount Rainier- Volcano Destinations
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Mount Rainier in United States

It is one of the active volcanoes of United States, through the last eruption occurred in 1894. Standing tall at 4392 meters, the Mount Rainier is a tourists’ paradise. In addition to viewing the volcano, tourists can also indulge in adventurous activities like hiking, climbing, camping, snowmobiling and snowboarding in the mountain.  The climb to the summit is a challenging and a difficult one, and a perfect activity for adventure lovers and adrenaline junkies.

Our planet Earth is filled with volcanoes and volcano destinations that regularly spew molten lava and ash to the environment. However, visiting each one of them is next to impossible! Visit the beautiful volcano destinations and enjoy a thrill of an experience.

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