France section of Las Vegas at night where my vivid memory shined most.

Memoir: And in My Dreams I Will Always Find My Way Back to You in Las Vegas

To Gizmo, Minnie, Teddy, and everyone else that contributed to making my childhood.

“What is to give light must endure burning”- Victor E Frank. For as long as I can remember, you have never failed to bring me inner peace. With the addition of treasured memories that have made their mark on my overall being. More importantly, in the town of Las Vegas everything changed for me there. As I always find myself reflecting on our time spent there together. Through a series of discovery, love, and overall sharing special times. I will always hold these memories close at hand, as I can never stop to reminisce about them.

Similar memory to mountains I witnessed while arriving to Las Vegas.
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Similar memory to mountains I witnessed while arriving to Las Vegas.

Background to Discovering myself in Las Vegas

After somewhat reconnecting with long estranged members of a so-called adopted family. I am left in confusion, anger, and overall sadness. From a long and complicated past that continues to trouble me. Yet you still continue to love and support me. Amid my flaws and insecurities. I always reminisce about my peaceful time spent with you. In such a large and bustling city that never sleeps. All due to the incredible time of spending the weekend in a new environment that is shared in experience. The fact that these memories continue to persist to this present day is what makes it all more touching. I had never been more ecstatic on vacationing at this destination. Because my last visit being too farfetched and vague to remember. In all, my most recent experience in Las Vegas continues to be one of my favorites.

In contrast to other destinations that I traveled to with my best friend named Gizmo. Las Vegas has left me the biggest impression because it was also a trip that signified awakening. In terms to awakening, I got to discover more about my character. At the time, I was an overly introverted teen who was oblivious to the world around me. As all I had ever known was my small town, family, and the comfort of my own home. After being caught in the crossfire of an intense divorce, things could not have been worse for my overall stability.  Though Gizmo witnessed it all along with me, he never failed to comfort me in the dark days. Which is why our time in Sin City remains in my chest of treasured memories.

Reminiscence on adventure

With many hours ahead of reaching our destination. I can easily recall the clear sky and aerial view of the mountains. Leaving me both mesmerized, excited, and at ease. As I got to share such a wonderful moment like this with Gizmo. It felt so serene yet invigorating that I could easily imagine myself floating through the hilly scene. Overall leaving me in a state of peace and comfort. While we got to witness the memorable image of our surroundings, there was also the satisfaction of taking memorable photos. Throughout our rest periods in famous sites such as Nelson Ghost Town and Seven Magic Mountains. Which in turn, turned out to be extremely rewarding as these photos are some of my greatest possessions. That relate to preserving the memory of my time spent with my best friend.

Nostalgia in Better Times

Moreover, Gizmo’s presence at hand in Las Vegas motivated me. Since I was nothing more than downcast teenager at the time. Filled with so much turbulence, excitement, yet doubt. Questioning in relation to my capabilities and total worth in contrast to my identity. He proved to always be there for me as my adopted family seemed to also enjoy his presence at hand. To add, it became sort of an inside joke between my adopted family with new pets at hand. At first it was sort of a surprise to see a dog travel so far to a unique town. Yet in time, he had won everyone’s hearts. Only adding to the enjoyment of having his total support.  In essence, I will always be in debt to him for all the memories he gave me. In my most bewildering stages of my life.

France section of Las Vegas at night where my vivid memory shined most.
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France section of Las Vegas at night where my vivid memory shined most.

Memory of being at ease.

As we arrive to Las Vegas, I can not stop my adrenaline. Since the last vacation I took occurred before the disastrous divorce, I was caught between crossfire to. As a result, Gizmo and I drive through the main plaza strip at the peak hour of the night. With all the lights and architectural styles reflecting many cultures. I am left in wonder and admiration of the breathtaking atmosphere. Which becomes something I still reminisce on to this very day. Though there was still so much ahead of us to unfold. I had never been happier at that moment. In fact, we also got to tour and ride the gondola boat ride attraction near The Venetian. The area where it is mostly represents Italy and its unique culture. In the end, the memory of these moments left an ever-lasting effect on my consciousness.

Remembrance of Fun Instances in Downtown

Next, memorable mentions of our time spent in Las Vegas can range from walking through the downtown central district. To later getting to interact with street performers in neon costumes, mime actors, and witnessing a variety of other performances. In addition, what still happens to be imprinted in my memory is the fact of getting Gizmo socialized. With other people’s pets and their owners being impressed by his well-shaped composure in public. That was a real moment for me to be proud because my hard work paid off. In some ways I felt like he was a perfect reflection to my persona. Which added to the depth of our total connection. Besides getting to interact with an abundance of attractions in Las Vegas. We also found ourselves temporarily lost to the point where we got stranded in a fast-food restaurant. All in all, it was an enriching experience.

Gaining insight

With the fact of Gizmo and I temporarily staying in Las Vegas for the weekend. I am pleased to continue having additional company of old faces that I had not seen for far too long. The fact of not conversing for a number a years with certain people and returning on good terms really helped. Indeed, I found myself in a complicated state because, deep down, I still carried the scars of the past. That deeply had their hooks onto my total sensibility. Yet, with my best friend at my side, it was as if nothing else mattered. Part of the memory in my time in Las Vegas that stood out to me most. Despite how many issues were still lingering or in the past, I still had my best friend in my hand. In turn, I had never felt better about myself as I was seeing improvement in my character.

Recollection of Progress

With an unexpected and memorable reunion in Las Vegas. I began to realize more about my strengths and weaknesses in addition to my self-worth. Similarly, when I was faced with the fact of delving in deeper into my adoption status, I concluded that everything that had occurred nearly two decades ago was out of my control. Meaning that the life I got to live was simply a result of someone’s mistakes and irresponsibility. As much as it still pains me to know that I never really was wanted or loved by my creators. I have never been more touched by getting to have the privilege of owning Gizmo. Since he was about the only being that never really failed me as a child. In turn, he was the opposite of everyone that let me down.

Truly being the semi-figure of what I yearned for so much as a resentful and overall sad child. Adding to the significance of my progress in this trip. I feel like that was the key reason for my time spent in this city. Which was to gain a better sense of understanding while at the same time creating a memorable experience with my best friend. For once, I had seen myself as well versed because I could now easily grasp the situation. To my daunting origins that have ultimately brought me to where I ended up being now in the present time. As hard as it was to finally face this long-questioned issue. It was as a result a rewarding memory for me.

Gizmo in his prime and overall glory.
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Gizmo in his prime and overall glory.

Unconditional Support and Love

During this memorable episode in Las Vegas, I was blessed. Not only because I passed through the barrier that held me back for so long, but because of Gizmo. It felt nice to know that I was not alone in that feat. Plus being able to grow from the entire experience in this town really added depth to my bond. With my friend being present in perhaps one of the most difficult circumstances that one can face. As mentioned before in this article, I feel like I am forever in debt to my old friend. Apart from that I became inspired to keep pushing through more of my childhood traumas. Since I finally had the help, I needed to continue conversing with my adoptive family in relation to my adoption. In essence, I was not as deserted as I thought I to be imagined.

What my best friend and I are like when meeting once again in a dream.
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What my best friend and I are like when meeting once again in a dream.

Significance of purpose and memory

In conclusion, I believe our time spent together in Las Vegas was special. To add, memorable to me because now that Gizmo is no longer with me. It is something I continue to always cherish and treasure. I have never been more grateful to have had someone like him. To have come into my life and continued to still love me regardless. Of all the mistakes I made from a young child to early adulthood. In addition, to producing a family of his own, he also expanded our love and total family unit. Plus, being able to be at my side in some of the most crucial stages of my youth. It is something I can never forget about, because as I progress in life and look back.

To reflect on the person I used to be, I see how much I have changed. From being an oblivious and troubled teen to a shrewd man. Then, seeing how much of an influence he has left on me since he was almost always there. In all my seventeen years spent with Gizmo, I was lucky to have that therapeutic and understanding soul of his. Close, every memory I carry will always be in respect to his loving memory.


For as long as I continue to exist, he will continue to be with me. I can never forget him and all the years we spent together. When he died, a part of my soul was left with him. However, no matter how much time goes on, I am still here. At the exact same stage, I was when I held his hand as he took his last breath. Like a fictional horcrux, a part of my fragmented soul remains in the same state, preserving his memory. Of a beautiful life and being practically immortal, as I can always visit the memory in my conscious.

He was one of my true best friends that I ever had growing up. Now I am forever changed, but I retain his memory in honor as he was the one who truly saved me. From myself, as I could have gone many different paths in my life. He is love.

Overview on echoes our shared life

Our time in Las Vegas will always be memorable for me because it symbolizes eternal happiness. This is something I can always look back on, remember and find solace in. Thank you for all the years you have given me. In addition, to the lessons you taught me when it came to patience and understanding. I am proud to have called you mine and wish you are peace wherever you are. Now that it is your time to flourish elsewhere, know that you will always be on my mind. In addition, the times we got to spend with one another during our near two-decade duration.

As much as it pains me to not have you forever with me, I am slightly comforted with the fact. To always find my way back to you in my dreams. From time to time and being prepared for a new adventure that we can share once more. In a world that only we know.

“And if you have a minute, why don’t we go? Talk about it somewhere we only know? This could be the end of everything. So why don’t we go? Somewhere only we know?”- Keane Somewhere Only we know.

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