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Unique Tourism in Barcelona: How to Buy and Enjoy Marijuana Legally as a Tourist

Barcelona is a popular tourist destination in Europe

Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for tourists. There is so much to see and do in the city. If you want to buy weed while visiting Barcelona, you will be happy to know that there is no law that will prevent you from doing this. Under Spanish laws, it is perfectly legal for visiting tourists to get their marijuana and smoke it in the city.

The origin of Barcelona Catalans themselves connects the origin of Barcelona with the legend of Hercules.

The ancient hero sailed to the foot of Mount Montjuïc from Libya, having landed on the coast, he walked across the fertile plains of future Catalonia very pleased with what he saw and decided and decided to establish a city there.

Barcelona has so many places to visit! The city has so many places you want to visit and be sure to catch a Spanish dance show, attend a soccer match at Camp Nou, or just take a walk through the picturesque neighborhoods. But there is another unique entertainment in Barcelona – you can legally taste marijuana here. Of course, if you are over 18,

We’re not advocating anything and we’re not judging anyone. We are for the completeness of the guide!

However, you won’t find the stuff in a weed store. The city has some unique laws on cannabis. You have to know and follow them to buy, carry weed, and smoke it legally. Remember, this is not Colorado or Amsterdam. Be completely sure of the legal status before you try to procure your weed.

You should know that in Barcelona, tourists can legally get their weed and smoke it only in a cannabis club. Residents of the city can also grow a limited quantity of weeds in their homes. It is illegal to buy, sell, and smoke marijuana in public. Both the residents and tourists can be fined and even jailed for up to 4 years for doing this. The Barcelona cannabis laws are very clear about this.

What is a Cannabis Club?

Barcelona is the second city in the world where tourists deliberately come to choose and try the best varieties of marijuana legally. The local coffeeshops have an incredibly wide assortment and a very welcoming atmosphere, which even the capital of cannabis tourism, Amsterdam, does not have. Only members of clubs, of which there are quite a few in Barcelona, are allowed into the establishments.

A cannabis club in Barcelona is a private association of members where marijuana smokers, growers, and connoisseurs come together to get their weed, discuss various growing techniques, and smoke it in a safe and relaxed environment. Many of these clubs are non-profit organizations and many of their members are Barcelona residents who grow it in their homes. The laws on cannabis in the city do not prohibit visiting tourists from becoming a member and smoking weed in the club.

The first cannabis club in Spain was opened in 2001, and its work was regulated by a number of provisions that allowed the club to not fall under the laws on drug trafficking. And then the clubs evolved on their own, pushing the boundaries of activity at the expense of unregulated aspects of the law.

HQ Barcelona Cannabis clubs
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The city has more than 400 cannabis clubs at this time. Many of them are in central locations, close to the tourist attractions. Some of the city’s best cannabis clubs are Born Marijuana, Sant Antoni, HQ Barcelona, Sant Pere, and Club Raval.

You Must First Join a Cannabis Club in Barcelona

In Amsterdam, you can simply walk up to a coffee shop to get your marijuana. It is different in Barcelona. You must first become a member of a cannabis club in Barcelona before you can get your weed.

How do I become a member?

In Barcelona, it is not necessary to look for secret entrances to the club for a long time. In the tourist street La Rambla, it’s hard to stay uninvited. Just walk from Plaza Catalunya towards the sea along the famous route. The promoters of the coffee shops will offer you a membership and sometimes, in a competitive environment, they will even give you a good discount!

Membership is strictly by invitation. You can order to get your invitation to the cannabis club here. Fill out the form by ordering. You will then receive an email, to which you have to reply to confirm that you want to become a member. After this, you will receive the name of your club, its address, and your QR code.

Show the code at the club gate, show your identification, pay the membership fee, and you will be registered as a member at the club. Your membership of the cannabis club in Barcelona will be valid for one year. as a tourist, you can just furnish the name and address of your hotel or Air BNB. No one is going to verify it. It is just a formality.

Many of them work as a social club. Apart from a wide variety of weeds, you will also find food, drinks, live music, dancing, and a variety of games. You can watch sports on large-screen televisions or play a game like chess, video games, cards, Monopoly, and slots. Sometimes competitions are also held. During the daytime, you will often find people just socializing or working on their laptops.

What does a coffee shop look like from the inside?

Super Siberia Social Club
Photo by syao_pin on Pixabay

If going into an altered state of consciousness in an open area is not in your plans, you can get a themed rest inside the coffeeshop as well. You’ll have to buy a membership for everyone. Go to the address indicated on the membership card, or better yet, ask the promoter to take you to a secret location.

Coffee shops in Barcelona, although accessible to everyone, are mostly hidden from passersby. Be prepared to go to the secluded corners of Bourne or Gothic and knock on the closed little door. After you show your club card (membership), you will be allowed into the coffeeshop itself. You will be greeted by smiling faces, a relaxed atmosphere, pleasant music, and dim lights. And you’ll realize that you’ve come to the right place!

Behind the counter with all kinds of marijuana is usually working friendly girl who will ask your preferences and help you choose. Don’t be shy to ask, the shop will be happy to help you. This is your club, and its guests are your fellow clubmates. You can stay inside until closing time.

Be careful: Time in a coffee shop flies quickly! Don’t expect to pop in for half an hour and then go sightseeing and shopping. Even if you are always in a hurry, in a coffee shop in the company of an intense indica you can suddenly hang for a few hours. Marijuana intoxication cannot be compared to alcoholic intoxication.

Ways to smoke marijuana at the club

There are several ways to smoke marijuana in a coffee shop:

  • twist a joint,
  • in a small pipe,
  • with the help of a bong.

Ask the seller for all the necessary materials and accessories. If you smoke tobacco, you can make a mixture of tobacco and marijuana.

Make yourself as comfortable as possible on the free sofas. You can order tea or soda at the coffee shop, as you will probably be thirsty after smoking.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy Weed in Spain?

The age requirement for becoming a member varies from club to club. In most places, it is 21 years old. However, some clubs will let you become a member if you are over 18 years of age. The membership amount is also different for each club.

Image of Madrid by night Spain
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You Cannot “Buy” Weed at a Barcelona Club

Also remember, you can “buy” your marijuana at the club. That is because technically, buying and selling weed is still illegal in Barcelona. However, you will be able to get it by making a small “donation”.

The donation amount is not negotiable. It is also different for each place. The weed belongs to all the club members. The donation amount is usually for the cost of growing it. All the members are supposed to share the costs. Most cannabis clubs in the city are not-for-profit organizations.

You may be corrected if you use the term “buy” in these clubs. Instead, use terms like “share” and “donation”. Ask about the amount of contribution that is needed for growing X amount of cannabis.

What is the cost of Cannabis in a club?

cannabis for medicinal use
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The cost of a donation varies from club to club. They will tell you the donation cost at your club. You cannot negotiate the price.

Membership costs from 15 to 20 euros. If there is more than one person, you can save money and buy just one seat for everyone. It is better not to try the best varieties of marijuana in the park and on the beach.

If you want to relax and soak by the sea with a view of the sunset, all kinds of indica will suit you. Depending on your fatigue, you can choose high or low cannabis varieties. The cost of cannabis depends on the variety and varies from 6 to 12 euros. It will be very difficult to choose from hundreds of varieties. The most basic thing you need to know:

  • for relaxation and contemplation is the indica
  • for elation and cheerfulness – sativa.

All of these varieties are labeled with a percent indica and percent sativa. Choose the balance that suits your tastes.

Do Not Buy from a Weed Dealer on the Street

In the evenings, an army of nice and not-so-nice young people come out on the streets of Barcelona, enticing them into clubs and offering all sorts of things. Since smoking marijuana is “legal” in Barcelona, it gives everyone who can’t be bothered to sell anything. Light and heavy drugs are sold under the table on almost every corner. So as not to lecture you, I’ll tell you simply – don’t buy anything from anyone on the street, and if you really want it, only in special legal clubs.

You may see a weed seller selling marijuana on the street. Completely ignore and move on. Do not even speak to the person. Buying weed on the street in Barcelona is very risky. It is an illegal and punishable offense. Why take the chance when you have a legal alternative?

Do Not Smoke on the Street

Amsterdam is more legal than Barcelona. You can even smoke weed on the street. Do not do this in a Spanish city. The police may apprehend you and charge you a hefty penalty. Don’t risk the fine. You may also be heckled. They may detain you for questioning. You may be asked where you got the cannabis. They want to make sure that you are not a trader and you did not buy it while visiting Barcelona.

It is illegal to smoke marijuana in public places. You can legally smoke it only on private property, and the police will never stop you or fine you. You can only carry an amount of marijuana on the street that meets the limit for personal consumption.

Marijuana in Spain is a very sensitive topic. On the one hand, there is no legalization in this country, i.e. cannabis use is legally prohibited, but in some cases not punishable.

  1. Marijuana can be smoked at home or in cannabis clubs, but you can be fined from 600€ for using it in public places.
  2. Marijuana can be grown at home, but only for personal use. According to generally accepted norms, it is 2-3 bushes per person. If there is a suspicion that you grow for the purpose of distribution, then it is already a criminal offense. An important correction, you can grow so that the plants cannot be seen from the street.
  3. Possession of marijuana is legal only on private property, i.e., at home, in a limited quantity commensurate with personal needs. It is also legal on the premises of cannabis clubs. Otherwise, you face a fine of 600 to 10 400€. And for transportation, 3 to 4 years in prison.
  4. It is illegal to buy marijuana, except in a cannabis club where you are a member.

Do Not Carry Weed with You

It is possible that you found a tasty strain at the club and wanted to keep it for later use, perhaps in your hotel. Nobody likes to throw away their weed. Firstly, it is illegal to smoke cannabis in a hotel or Air BNB. Remember, you can legally smoke cannabis only in a cannabis club or in your home. Even your club will advise you not to carry the weed outside.

If you must carry it outside, always do so in your underwear. That’s because the police require a warrant to search below your clothing. Always be careful about not raising suspicion. You will find the police everywhere in the city. They are very active.

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