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Virtual Hotel Tour Experience: Effects of COVID 19 on Trends towards Virtual Reality in the Travel Industry

The travel industry has ever since the pandemic experienced massive disruptions and problems. First came the bulk cancellation and grounding of flights, followed by clamp on the hotels, and then travelers changing their travel plans. Despite many countries and states reopening their territories for tourism, many travelers are still not ready yet to hop on the planes and check into hotels. In such a time, they are experiencing the new concept – virtual hotel tour!

The travel industry is a spirited and passionate one. What if there is still a ban and restriction of travel, many professionals of the industry took up new ways to engage the guests in brand new ways. The hotels particularly are bringing out creative and fun ways to engage their guests and lure them into making visits. They are giving virtual hotel tours, and several virtual entertainment options that guests can enjoy from the comfort of their homes.

The Virtual hotel experience is a concept wherein travelers can easily experience and see the hotel virtually without actually being present there physically. They can check out hotel rooms, amenities, and also enjoy the live feel of actually getting a complete tour of the hotel.

What is Virtual Reality?

Technology is expanding at a faster pace than ever before. As such, it has become much crucial for hotels and hospitality industry to incorporate latest technological innovations to broaden their business and customer base. Virtual Reality is a perfect tech innovation of the present world! The ‘Virtual Reality‘ or VR is a super progressive tech tool that first earned the limelight in its foray into the gaming world. The gaming world saw high-end life-like adventures with the boost of VR. Soon enough, the user experience spread far and wide and seeped into the hotel and travel industry wherein they adapted to boost business and earn more customers. ‘Virtual Hotel Tour 360’ is a way suing which a hotel can make a guest experience a complete 360-degree walkthrough and view of the hotel facility and the amenities from the comfort of their living rooms.

Unlike the earlier photos and digital imagery, with the help of virtual hotel tour, viewers can completely immerse into the hotel facility and move around through the hotel rooms. A virtual tour is a good technological advancement as it offers total transparency of all the features a hotel offers.

Effectiveness of Virtual Hotel Tour

Travelers are nowadays more interested in experiencing virtual tours. Additionally, virtual hotel tour is also the option most travellers opt for before booking a room.

As per studies,

  • Virtual tours lessen the count of wasted hotel viewings by a staggering 40%.
  • The hotels that offer virtual tour are chose by the guests 10 times more in comparison to the hotels that don’t offer virtual tours.
  • Massive amount – 92% of the internet users say that a 360-degree panorama virtual tour view is something unexplainable and not they would expect while checking the facility online.

This data relates how technology is dramatically changing the world and has become crucial in cultivating travel bookings.

The major advantage of virtual hotel tours is that it ensures that the guests have total control. Guests can easily check through the hotel at their pace and explore every part of the facility from various angles to make the most of the virtual tour and know about the facility.

Amazing Virtual Reality Hotel Tours

Atlantis the Palm, Dubai
Image Source: Atlantic Resorts

Atlantic The Palm, Dubai

The towering 5 star hotel of Dubai- Atlantic The Palm sits on an artificial island named Palm Jumeirah. The hotel is a testimony of excellent service, rich palatial design and the ultra-comfortable experience it promises its customers. the hotel offers a good 360 virtual tour service that covers each detail and small specifications of the facility. the virtual hotel tour is lively, and it makes the user feel as if they are experiencing the hotel as a physical tour. The virtual hotel tour spans 5 minutes and demonstrates a complete package of excellent accommodation. The hotel also included the sightings of embedded technology facilities across the virtual tours! As such, the visitors can experience the tour before they make their booking to the Palm. The 360 degree virtual tour by Atlantis the Palm is a good way to showcase their services and also keep and prioritize customer’s needs at topmost priority.

Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa
Image Source:

Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa, South Africa

The Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa exist on the Franschhoek city in South Africa. It is one of the best resorts of South Africa with topmost services. The hotel has introduced high-end VR tours as a way to meet the customer demands and also a dominant competitive position in the travel market. However, the virtual hotel tour by the hotel isn’t an ordinary one! It is a complete package with good features that the managers offer its customers to earn their trust and showcase their credibility.

Despite being virtual tours, the users can enjoy the sights and sounds of the ambience and feel it like they are actually getting a physical tour of the facility! In the tours, the users get access to a specific area or sections of the hotel like the reception lobbies, lounges, entertainment avenues, and room accommodations. Also, the 360 virtual hotel tours give unlimited time access to the users at any specific section without any timeout. The VR tour is a way of prioritizing the customer’s needs and also helps to create a feeling of hospitality in mind.

Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel
Image Source:

Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel, Croatia

The Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel in Croatia exists on the seashore and overlooks the awesome nature outlook with a sparkling beach. The mesmerizing view is what attracts tourists to take a virtual hotel tour of the facility and the surroundings. The automatic hotel guide gives easy understandable instructions to make the tour more user-friendly and navigable. The hotel has high-class luxuries and builds an atmosphere of comfort and elegance.

Vythiri Resort, Kerala Virtual Hotel Tour
Image Source:

Vythitri Resort of Wayanad, India

The Vythitri Resort of Wayanad is one of the highly popular and topmost luxurious resorts in Kerala. The resort exists amidst a huge tropical forest with adventurous panorama and attractive places to see. With such an eye-catching beauty of a resort, who wouldn’t want to go for the virtual hotel tour? The tour gives an added advantage to the hotel as the customers get enchanted by the mesmerizing beauty and get their booking done fast and forward!  The tour highlights the best 5-star services of the hotel with glimpses of artificial waterfalls, lush tea gardens, houseboat and sky-high restaurants and a scene of traditional beauty. The tour of this hotel also aims to raise awareness of the traditional-driven design and sustainability.

Pullman Brisbane King George Square Hotel
Image Source: Accor Hotels

Pullman Brisbane King George Square Hotel, Australia

The Pullman Brisbane King George Square Hotel is a 5-star hotel facility in Brisbane. The facility interlinks with the Mercure tower, the facility that has a capacity of 400+ rooms. Around 210 rooms of the hotel are of 5-star standard and the remaining 4-star ones. The hotel also has good facilities for conducting conferences and workshops with massive capacity. The hotel boasts of having the biggest conference rooms in Brisbane city. The facility offers a good virtual hotel tour whereby tourists can visit and experience the hotel’s accommodation and facilities through a 360-degree panorama anywhere and anytime. The tour enables visitors to see each dimension of the facility for free.

Grand Oasis Hotel Virtual Hotel Tour
Image Source: Situm Tech

Grand Oasis Hotel

The virtual tour of this hotel gives a view of the pleasant sights and sounds of the hotel with a glimpse of the primary features like the new “pyramid”, and the large open-air. It also showcases excellent hotel accommodation facilities and spectacular views of the surrounding gardens highlighting the “Grand Oasis” name.

Holiday Inn Express
Image Source: IHG

Holiday Inn Express Adelaide

The Holiday Inn Express went a way further in the virtual hotel tour offer with enabling the viewer to watch the guests conduct usual activities like checking in for a room, enjoying delicious meals, a cocktail in the lounge or even attending any meeting in the conference room. The high-end user friendly virtual hotel tour is depicted as the true functional nature of ant hotel property.

Bora Bora’s Overwater Bungalows
Image Source: Overwater Bungalows

Bora Bora’s Overwater Bungalows

The primary focus of the virtual hotel tour by Bora Bora is to highlight the spectacular natural beauty of the Tahiti islands to the guests. The virtual tour gives a glimpse of the entertainment avenues, the delightful adventurous activities and the natural beauty the tourists will be indulging in. the tourists will have a first-hand view of what they will be enjoying in the bungalows.

Maldives, Scuba Spa

The virtual tour of the floating resort displays some of the interesting and fascinating avenues that guests will enjoy, like a cocktail lounge, a special private massage parlour, enchanting views of the natural maritime environment, and the splurging accommodations. The virtual tour is backed by an upbeat music signifying the calmness of the place.

Cape Dara, Pattaya Virtual Hotel Tour
Image Source: Trivago

Cape Dara, Pattaya

The virtual hotel tour by Cape Dara gives a glimpse of the five-star excellent accommodation facilities and superior amenities of the beachfront suites. The tour has a speaker who focuses on giving brief about the facilities, detailing every aspect of the beautiful hotel property. The above virtual hotel tours showcase how digital technology has advanced to bring the facility to the living room of the user and how the hotels can brand their business in the easiest way!

How VR can Boost Hotel Industry?

Virtual reality is a major advancement and a raging technology trend. When a hotel embraces virtual hotel tour facility in their website, they attract more traffic earn customers for their business. Additionally, it also creates a strong willingness in the customer’s mind to book a hotel room or an amenity. A virtual hotel tour increases the traffic and number of visitors a hotel earns on an average. It also captures the interest of the guest for long and also bring in new customers who wish to explore the concept of virtual hotel tours.  In short, it can be said that there is no limit to creativity when it comes to virtual hotel tour experience for travelers.

It is a proactive way to showcase a hotel or a resort. A virtual hotel tour showcases the best of the facility and presents it in the best possible view. Hotels can also include links in the virtual tour to give additional information within the images to the guests. This will be easier to navigate for the users. As the usage of digital media is rising, and especially in the pandemic where people are going all digital, introducing virtual hotel tour now is the best option! So, take the virtual hotel tour today!

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