Ways to Safely Hitchhike the United States in 2022

Hitchhiking is one of the most authentic and thrilling travel experiences you can have as a student. In this case, you meet people you never thought you would come across. It’s never a lap of luxury getting people to stop on the road.

Most of them won’t let an unknown person get into their car. Sometimes you can even wait for hours before you get someone to stop by. Otherwise, you can even miss all the targets. Here are ways to hitchhike the United States in 202 safely.

Choose a great spot

Most of the students who spend long hours on the roads are mostly not mindful of the places where they stand. It’s not every place destined for stopping, and the car won’t if the driver doesn’t feel safe. With an internet connection, you can google the best on-ramps in your area and stand there.

Choose a place where the cars aren’t moving at great speed, and there is room to pull over. On-ramps and intersections are the best places where you can stand. Any place with a stop sign is good to good. You have to remember that the longer the driver gets to look at you, the better the chance.

Before planning for hitchhiking, you have to search for tips for hitchhikers. It will help you a lot as a student. You will also understand the requirements that are needed during the traveling period. As a result, you can plan well for both schools and traveling. It’s always not advisable without knowing how you will tackle your assignments. Hiring cheap research papers on StudyClerk can be a better option. The professionals on this site will handle your research paper writing assignment with a lot of carefulness. They offer reliable writing services, and you don’t have to worry.

Look presentable

Looking presentable will win the hearts of the drivers on the road. No one wishes to pick a lazy-looking person. Make sure that you wear light clothes and avoid black clothes if possible. People need to see your eyes well, and thus you should avoid sunglasses at all costs.

At no point should you smoke, sit down or drink while standing beside the road. Most drivers will only pick up guys with whom they feel safe. That’s why you should ensure that you look presentable at all costs. This is not the time to look like your favorite celebrity as a student.

Choose your ride carefully

Under no obligation should you get into every car that stops for you. It’s not everyone who is going to stop has good intentions. So, you have to look at the mood of the driver. Is the driver happy or sad? You should highly suspect drivers who are not making eye contact while talking.

Too, you have to check the number of the people in the car and whether they are sober. If you don’t feel safe, thank the driver and say no. It’s better to pretend that you are waiting for something else or explain that you would rather stay for long. Trusting your gut instincts is essential in this case.

Be prepared

Before planning for the hitchhiking, you must ensure that you pack enough water and food from the first day to the last day. This will help you if you get stuck in the middle of nowhere. Fruits and packed foodstuffs are the best that you can carry in this case. Make sure that you have a filtered water bottle that you can refill after drinking all water.

Carry with your warm clothes, rain jacket, sunscreen, and first aid kit. A USB charger is suitable for charging your phone when the battery gets low. If possible, a power bank can help a lot in this case. You will quickly charge your phone when you need to check directions. Pack with you a novel so that you can keep studying while traveling if possible.


Hitchhiking is one of the best ways that the students can use to travel during the holidays or weekends. It offers an amazing experience with just minimal cost. The biggest challenge in hitchhiking lies in getting the driver to stop. On the other hand, you have to care because no glitters are gold. What you think is a big win, maybe something else. Learning different tips for hitchhiking safely is very helpful to ensure that you don’t waste time and you don’t fall into a dangerous trap.

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