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What is the Secret Behind Louis Vuitton’s Success?

Louis Vuitton Malletier, commonly known as Louis Vuitton, is a French design house and luxury goods corporation founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton. The LV monogram appears on a wide range of the brand’s items, from extravagant trunks and cowhide merchandise to ready-to-wear, shoes, watches, adornments, embellishments, colors, and books. Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s leading design houses. It sells its products through independent storefronts, renting offices in high-end department stores, and through the internet business section of its website.

Louis Vuitton was awarded the world’s most important extravagance brand for six consecutive years (2006-2012). It was valued at $25.9 billion in 2012. The brand was valued at US$28.4 billion in 2013, with an income of US$9.4 billion. The company operates in 50 countries and has over 460 locations worldwide. Before we dive into the reason behind its tremendous success and expansiveness, let’s take a look at the history behind the famous brand.

Louis Vuitton History

Louis Vuitton History
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The origins of Louis Vuitton may be traced back to 1837. France was experiencing a financial expansion which was attracting a large number of people to the city of Paris. One of them was a 16-year-old Louis Vuitton. He walked 292 kilometers (from Anchay to Paris) to the French cash-flow to work as a trunk creator’s pupil. Simultaneously, steam-powered trains and ships were expanding travel options, and business was booming. Vuitton took advantage of this when he built his first store (1854).

He debuted his innovative trunk plan in 1858. It was rectangular, which was unusual for its arch molded forefathers, making it easy to stack. The cotton fabric texture was light, sturdy, and waterproof, making it suitable for mobility. Many people refer to this strategy as the “introduction of the sophisticated bag.” To honor his late father, who died in 1892, his son Georges Vuitton created the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram – a botanical example with an interlocking L and V – in 1896. From French sovereignty in the 1800s to famous names in modern times, claiming Louis Vuitton has a long history of being regarded as a superficial topic of interest.

You may now find a well-known symbol on anything – satchels, apparel, shoes, diamonds, and even a toilet.

The secret behind Louis Vuitton’s success

why is Louis Vuitton Expensive?
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Style and status

Experts claim there are a lot of fakes because the brand’s excellent style has practically been the same for the preceding 150 years, giving individuals in the bootleg market time to develop close to fantastic imitations. Duplicating items from high-end labels has become so widespread that web-based commercial behemoths like Amazon and Alibaba have taken notice. In 2018, Alibaba, for example, held on to over a billion dollars ($536M) in counterfeit items. Although Louis Vuitton had humble beginnings in France, it developed promotional tactics to attract a large following in other countries.

These approaches have proven especially successful in China, one of Louis Vuitton’s most important markets. The company had its sights set on this market since 1992 when it became the country’s first unfamiliar extravagant brand to create a physical store. At the time, China was still considered a developing economy. Bernard Arnault, CEO of Louis Vuitton’s parent company LVMH, even stated that at the time of the send-off, there were more bikes than vehicles.

The China factor

With China’s climb as a monetary superpower, its developing working class, and high total assets people have developed. That is made the country a worthwhile market for extravagant brands. Chinese purchasers at home and abroad burned through $115 billion on extravagant things in 2018. That is 33% of the worldwide spending – with every extravagance consuming family spending a normal of nearly $12,000 (11,525) every year. By 2025, Chinese shoppers will represent 40% of absolute worldwide spending. All of these requests are driving up costs. In China, products from extravagant brands, for example, Louis Vuitton are 21% more costly than normal worldwide.

That implies the normal Chinese shopper is paying an additional 420 dollars for a $2,000 purse. That adds up. To such an extent that a few affluent purchasers have begun employing specialists to buy extravagant brands for them abroad. Extravagance products go for 22%, not exactly the worldwide normal in France and Italy. It implies that a $2,000 purse would wind up costing a Chinese purchaser $860 less in France than if they’d got it at home. Regardless of being over 150 years of age, the brand is presently centered around tracking down ways of speaking to more youthful, princely crowds.

Brand impact

It’s welcomed onboard forces to be reckoned with like Sophie Turner, Chloë Grace Moretz, and Kris Wu. And keeping in mind that the entertainers show up in customary Louis Vuitton advertisements, they likewise post photographs of themselves wearing the creator on their Instagram or WeChat accounts. Kris Wu has been the essence of another essential movement – its streetwear assortment. The streetwear culture – advocated by originators like Virgil Abloh and Kanye West – was saturating the extravagance business, and interesting to more youthful individuals all over the planet.

Louis Vuitton needed to profit from this and in 2018, it reported maybe the most powerful streetwear fashioner, Virgil Abloh, as its innovative chief for menswear. The organization acquired a circulation and evaluating procedure from streetwear culture, the drop model, which means it delivers a set number of things throughout a brief timeframe. For instance, this spring up space in London sent off Abloh’s presentation assortment as Artistic Director. The apartment was just accessible for seven days. Since there were scarcely any things and a period limit, customers ran to the shop, where hoodies were selling for as high as $ 2,395.

These techniques and the weighty costs have assisted Louis Vuitton with clutching its title as the world’s most important extravagant brand. Be that as it may, as more youthful customers make up a greater number of extravagant buys, it should continue to advance to clutch its seat at the top.

Why is Louis Vuitton so expensive?

LV Wild at Heart collection
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The high cost of assembly is one of the reasons Louis Vuitton’s things are so expensive. For example, the luxury business delivers its totes in France rather than relocating assembly to less-priced locations. Its collections are of excellent quality, created by skilled artisans in Europe and the United States using expensive materials. Despite technological advancements, the company claims that the most advanced instrument contacting its merchandise is a simple sewing machine.

Brand value

Louis Vuitton is essential for the popular “huge three” of the design business, with the other two brands being Hermès and Chanel. Possessing a Louis Vuitton item like a tote, shoes, or watch, is more than just claiming an item. It’s tied in with putting resources into an individual piece of extravagance. It’s about the experience, the status, and the regard that accompanies it. Any brand that is pretty much as unmistakable as Louis Vuitton will set its costs without expression of remorse.

Since they are a superficial point of interest, brands like Louis Vuitton are quickly ready to charge all the more just because of what their identity is and due to who puts resources into them. At the point when superstars all around the world are shot conveying Louis Vuitton items or wearing things with the unmistakable “LV” logo, this raises the worth of the brand immediately and empowers the brand to charge something else for its items.

Frequently, without knowing it, purchasers wind up addressing greater expenses on extravagant things basically due to the brand name that is connected to the thing. However long individuals address those costs, the costs will keep on being what they are. Regularly talking, the overall cost of a planner satchel, for example, is just about as many as many times higher than the expense of doing the thing. Undoubtedly, with regards to extravagant brands, Louis Vuitton is the sacred goal, and to possess a Louis Vuitton item is an individual honor and speculation.

Public demand

Louis Vuitton has been unbelievable in the realm of design since it was established in 1854. From that point forward, it has just developed further open allure and assessment. The name was first made in Paris-suitably known as the style capital of the world-and Louis Vuitton sits soundly in a high design position without any thought of moving any time soon. As a brand, Louis Vuitton is known for delivering restricted releases. Along these lines, there is consistently popularity for marked things.

When another watch is delivered, for instance, faithful clients are advised, and the purchasing craze starts. Clients realize that to claim the most up-to-date Louis Vuitton thing available, they should act right away. Whole gatherings on the web and in-person exist to keep individual Louis Vuitton epicureans “up to date” concerning what’s approaching straight away and what they need to score the following top-of-the-line thing for their assortment.

This request implies clients are speedier to make buys, will pay as much as possible, and needn’t bother with much via motivation to get it going. The expectation alone drives requests and keeps clients sitting as eager and anxious as can be for the best-in-class things. In straightforward business terms, popularity and restricted stockpile mean higher evaluation, and Louis Vuitton’s clients will pay it.

 The exclusiveness of Louis Vuitton products

Louis Vuitton exclusivisity
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It’s a not-really secret mystery in the realm of top-of-the-line plans that top-notch products lose esteem when such a large number of them exist available. In the realm of extravagant merchandise, there is a cautious dance between making such a large number of items and not sufficiently making them. Eliteness is the mystery ingredient. Creators regularly really like to make a predetermined number of items in some random series to give purchasers the full selectiveness experience.

Clients need to feel like they are the only ones on the planet with a specific item or possibly they need to be the only one in their group of friends. Along these lines, when Louis Vuitton arrives at the focus of a specific deal for some random thing, it suspends the creation of that thing. Reports flourish regarding whether or not Louis Vuitton obliterates any additional items once the business target is reached. Most importantly, for top-of-the-line architects like Louis Vuitton, selectiveness sells.

Each individual who purchases a thing under the Louis Vuitton brand gets an extraordinary, high-quality thing, killing the opportunities for an indistinguishable model. In the realm of large-scale manufacturing, satchels, shoes, or adornments appear to be identical for every individual who buys. This isn’t so in the realm of extravagant brands. This eliteness implies that the selling edge must be high on each piece, accordingly raising the cost.


Frequently, when purchasers see top-of-the-line items, they are hoping to buy something extraordinary, yet not simply as each piece is carefully assembled and unfit to be duplicated. They additionally need to claim something that looks strange or innovative. Most purchasers would rather not spend a little fortune on a piece that could, without much of a stretch, be bought as an efficiently manufactured thing.

The famous brand is continuously attempting to remain in front of patterns, making the following most-needed thing. Many styles are less expensive reproductions of what Louis Vuitton is doing. If you at any point can’t help thinking about what the eventual fate of style resembles, watch what Louis Vuitton makes and afterward stand by to perceive how large-scale manufacturing organizations go with the same pattern. Louis Vuitton has been splendid all the time at adjusting to the needs of purchasers.

When another item hits the market with contending brands, it attempts to make a superior, more tasteful rendition of its own. Additionally, the brand is attempting to arrive at a more youthful age with items that show a similar excellent Louis Vuitton that has been known 100% of the time for. Louis Vuitton is really for every individual who can manage the cost of it.

Material of Louis Vuitton products

Secret to success behind Louis Vuitton
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The material utilized for Louis Vuitton items is tough. The items are so made that harm is seldom written about any LV things. Truth be told, it was initially made to construct travel gear, for example, bags and trunks-so the organization started out making items from materials that last. Louis Vuitton endeavors to ensure it utilizes unquestionably the best materials that will endure for the long haul and handle the mileage of life.

Although the LV brand is extravagant, it works to endure a day-to-day existence. A Louis Vuitton sack or wallet, for instance, will go through more than 100 distinct phases of creation and testing before it’s fit to be put on the retail rack. Louis Vuitton items are the quintessence of sturdiness. Their covered material and very good quality calfskin are made to be effortlessly cleaned and focused on. While the item might age a little over the long haul, it is striking how enduring and well-wearing the remaining parts are.

The re-deal esteem for an LV item is by and large extremely high, further supporting that the item was very much developed with hands down the best materials.


Throughout the long term, Louis Vuitton has reliably made the most famous and most notable packs on the planet. LV is inseparable from quality. To possess an item with the LV logo is to claim something made all around. Their notoriety for great quality keeps on developing further consistently. Louis Vuitton utilizes unquestionably the greatest materials to build their items. The cowhide utilized in development is expensive over the top.

Significance and influence of Louis Vuitton

LV store
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Having a Louis Vuitton item is an unapologetically status symbol. Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s most prestigious brands that never holds sales. To own a Louis Vuitton signifies a certain level of social standing. This concept will continue to drive Louis Vuitton discounts and prices as long as satchels, diamonds, cowhide products, shoes, trunks, and watches remain a part of the ideal style insight.

Louis Vuitton’s output is apparently of high quality. However, because there are so many of them available, even the best items might lose value. That is why Louis Vuitton halts the production of an item after it has met its sales target. When a brand produces an over-the-top item, they frequently dump the excess inventory by conducting sales or selling it via markdown shopping shops. Louis Vuitton has figured out how to avoid both of those things by controlling its stock. It claims to be the world’s leading brand that never holds sales.

And, although this helps the style of lodging maintain its worth, it also makes it a convenient target for forgers. Louis Vuitton is the world’s most counterfeited luxury brand. In 2018, its merchandise accounted for a substantial part of the phony extravagance items discovered.

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