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New to Brooklyn? Discover Airbnb Rentals For Your First Visit!

Brooklyn is not just another borough of New York. It is an individual entity with its own popular identity. From street art painted walls to tourist-filled markets, the cultural melting point of Williamsburg to the posh community of Bedford-Stuyvesant, amazing views, popular tourist spots and curious cultures to get to know, there is a lot to do in Brooklyn. Finding the perfect place to stay during your vacation in any place can be a huge struggle. That is why Airbnb rentals are a great idea!

Some of the things that you should take note of before you choose to stay anywhere if researching the safety of the locality first of all. Check the guest reviews from different sites, don’t just stay glued to the first few five star ratings, check out the lower rating below and find the reasons behind them. I would suggest you find out the distance of the place from the major attraction of that city you’re going to. Even if it’s a perfectly fine place with all the basic amenities taken care of if it is too far from any place interesting, then what’s the point? you are on a tour, after all, not there to stay for a long time.

If you are travelling with family then be extra careful about the space the apartment has. If you’re planning your vacation to Brooklyn, but are confused about where to stay, then let me present to you some of the best Airbnbs in Brooklyn, you can choose from, relative to your compatibility.

List of great places to stay


Luxury Modern Brownstone Full Apt. Airbnb
Source: Airbnb

If you are fond of classic architectural designs, then just roaming around the area of Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, will have your heart beating like crazy. The locale is known for being home to some of the most well preserved Victorian architectural structures on earth. Comfortable living space, kitchenette full of modern appliances, nearby bars and restaurants and to get to Manhattan, just take the c-train which will get you there in 15 minutes.

Whether or not you have prior experience of staying at a site as classic as this, you will fall in love with the vibe. You will grow attached to the area. Brooklyn does that sometimes.


NYC 1st Shipping Container Home
Source: Airbnb

Williamsburg, the home to the hipster lifestyle. Enjoy the unique experience of Williamsburg living, in this shipping container home. Fully equipped modern equipment with AC and heating options installed. It’s a comfortable cosy space and in the vicinity of many of the best eateries and bars in the locality.

If you are looking for experiencing the spirit of Brooklyn this is it. Live for a while in the place that you will tire not to talk about, later on, sharing your experience with your friends. Make it a Story worth retelling. Travel is after all to make memories that you could later remember and smile about. There is a public garden just nearby as well where you can take a stroll.

Public transports are not far off. Previous guests reviewed this place quite well. The area is quite safe as well.


Source: Airbnb

If you have ever been to New York before or know someone that has stayed here, you know that one thing New York is not is cheap. Especially the real estate market. Even the rental prices are sky-high. So what do you do if you are planning to travel to Brooklyn and yet, you have to proceed under a limited budget? Additionally, you want a relatively luxurious experience as well.

Well, you’re in luck. I have just the place for you. Situated in the Crown Heights neighbourhood, this condo features 2 bedrooms with modern decorations, devices to fulfil your necessities at a very affordable price, almost surprisingly so, considering the usual prices of anywhere in New York. It is 40 minutes from Manhattan by train, and 15 minutes from Williamsburg by driving.
So what are you waiting for? Enjoy your luxurious stay at an affordable price.


Airbnb in Brooklyn
Source: Your Brooklyn Guide

15 Coolest Airbnbs in Brooklyn (By Neighborhood)

The budget is not the only thing that helps determine where you should stay at. The most important thing is your company. Whether you’re alone, with a colleague or the family or perhaps with your special someone. The place needs to be chosen accordingly. If you are travelling with a special someone then this is a place perfectly compatible for couples. It’s a one-bedroom apartment cosy and yet spacious enough for couples. Equipped with all the necessities, perhaps most importantly its location.

It is situated nearby Clinton, Williamsburg, and Bed-Stuy as well. Its popularity among its previous guests is because of its couple-friendly vibe and its close vicinity to major tourist hubs.


Airbnb in Brooklyn
Source: The Spaces

Williamsburg is home to the free spirits of New York. Back in time, it used to be an unfriendly face, supposedly for outsiders, and yet now those days seem like a myth. Presently it’s a hip and happening place, not only famous for being in movies and shows, but also for its unique vibe. It stands alone from any other attraction in the city. If you are one of the travellers, that prefers going on your adventures, taking self-guided tours, going solo and you want a place that is compatible with that free spirit of yours then there is no better place in New York than this cabin in Williamsburg.

This is a cosy but awesome cabin, designed to represent hipster culture. Providing a tub, basic and luxurious facilities. You will love it. There are a lot of affordable yet good quality bars, restaurants, night clubs and other attractions in the area, you may feel like checking out. Immerse yourself in the free spirit of New York.


Charming Luxury Loft near Barclay & Green Building
Source: Airbnb

Situated nearby the Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn library it’s a luxury loft featuring most uniquely its space. this place offers much more space than perhaps any Airbnb rental you could find in this price range in New York. Comprising of all the basic features from modern appliances safe neighbourhood and close vicinity to cafes, diners, pubs and some of the tourist attractions of the city as well.

One of the best things about staying here is, you will not lack modes of transportation. there are a lot of train stations in the area anytime you want to go anywhere you will find one available there.



Are you a natural preservation activist or even perhaps just a nature lover? This is the right choice for those that want to feel the tranquilly and peace offered by natural surroundings. It’s a cosy place ready to fulfil all your basic needs, famously known for its natural theme full of plants and sunny breezy space. If you go through the guest reviews, researching the place to stay in Brooklyn, you will discover that almost all of the guest reviews are positive about this place. That doesn’t happen often.

There’s a subway nearby to take you to Manhattan and JFK airport in 20 and 25 minutes respectively. It is a kind of hidden gem in the city, like the kind of place that you have heard, is good to be at, but you don’t know where it is, or anything else about it. Well, that’s why you’re here and that is why I’m here, to help guide you to your most compatible retreat for staying in Brooklyn during your vacation.


Art-filled bright spacious loft prime Wburg Brklyn, airbnb
Source: Airbnb

Ah Yes, we’re back in Williamsburg. What do I say Williamsburg has that quality to attract anyone anywhere. The area has some of the best bars cafes and attractions to see, to visit, so obviously also some of the best places to stay at. Do you know the correlation between demand and supply? that’s just what’s happening here. If you like artistic decorations, spacious interiors and living nearby to great cafes and bars then this spot is somewhere you will surely want to check out in Williamsburg.

Previous guests reviews reveal that the host is quite friendly and she gives away tips and guidance about the area as well. If you are someone who’s not been to the city before then this apartment in Williamsburg is somewhere you would like to stay.


Duplex at bed stuy
Source: Airbnb 

Finding a spacious place to stay in New York is much harder work than finding a needle in a haystack. That is why this place is quite a unique catch. Located in the Bedford Stuyvesant area, Amazingly enough, this spot offers 3 bedroom apartment for a very affordable price relative to the space it offers and let’s not forget, it’s New York.

Features a well-embellished backyard sleek attractive interior designing comfortable beds as well as Kitchen comprising of all the tools you may need. It’s a neighbourhood filled with many nice cafes, bars and tourist spots and there are tourist hubs nearby too.


E&Es B&B Spotless 2BD APT wAC 6min walk Subway
Source: Airbnb

Finding a rental apartment with space enough to host a whole family is not an easy ordeal in Brooklyn or anywhere in New York for that matter. There are many things you have to look for, including the safety of the neighbourhood, the space, the facilities nearby, the transportation systems and an understanding and helpful host.

Situated in Bedford Stuyvesant, this place is one of the rare Airbnb available in the city with ample space and facilities compatible enough for families. Public transport is close by. You can travel to Williamsburg in no more than 15 minutes.


Beautiful, Safe, Private Brownstone Entire Floor.
Source: Airbnb

If you are looking for a place with gorgeous interior designing then I present to you perhaps the best artfully decorated and perfectly designed space with each room providing its individuality. It’s cosy and comfortable perfect for both solo explorers and travelling couples. Comprising of all the necessities you may need. It is just one block away from the subway, so you will be able to travel to the tourist spots you decided to see in no time.


Airbnb, Brooklyn, Beautiful house in the heart of Williamsburg
Source: Airbnb

Situated one block apart from the subway and six blocks from the water taxi ready to take you to midtown Manhattan and Queens, this 2 Storey 2 bedroom apartment in Williamsburg is a dream come true.

The price might be a bit upmarket than your usual apartments, but the space is more than worth it. So, if you seek to stay at a space with modern decoration, a home theatre which is close by to some of the best diners and cafes in the town, then you need to rush here before someone else rents it.


BB+B Brooklyn Brick & Brownstone/ Treetop terrace
Source: Airbnb

Struggling to find the right place for a large family on a tour in New York? Join the club. Brooklyn which is supposed to be comparatively cheaper than other boroughs of New York, spacious apartments for rent are extremely hard to find. But if you are seeking such a place then I have a piece of good news for you, you have already found it. Well, I have found it for you. This is a place with five bedrooms, extending to two floors, featuring a ten-seating rooftop terrace. Comprising of all the basic appliances, providing all the basic amenities. Experience the luxury of living comfortably.

The distinct character of Brooklyn

Brooklyn was originally a separate city independent of the City of New York. The cities converged around the end of the nineteenth century, which Brooklynites will forever remember as “The Great Mistake of 1898.” Although Brooklyn is incredibly diverse, what distinguishes it from other districts are its distinct social areas. Manhattan is frequently referred to as “the city” by residents of other wards, as in the phrase “I’m heading to the city.” Many Brooklynites take great pride in their neighbourhood, and most New Yorkers believe that Brooklynites have a distinct personality from the rest of the city. 

Regardless, keep in mind while addressing Brooklynites that referring to Manhattan as “the city” is sufficient, but referring to Manhattan as “New York City” is not. Be careful not to mix up Brooklyn and the Bronx Because these are two completely separate parts of New York City.

Brooklyn, New York, the largest of New York Metropolis’s five districts, transports people just outside of Manhattan’s traditional buzzing about to a considerably more open and family-oriented climate while remaining sufficiently close to the city for a useful drive if required. When compared to Manhattan, Brooklyn appears to be the less expensive option. However, costs look to be rising,m and that is why getting an Airbnb is a great idea if you wish to travel here.  

Now that you’ve read the list, it is time for you to just pick the place that matches your desire. Don’t overthink things.

Go on now, explorer, it’s time. Happy travel!


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