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Your Airbnb Guide to Tokyo: Top 10 Travel Accommodations!

Some travel destinations aren’t known for just one speciality. Too many things come together to fill up that to-do list. Tokyo is one such place.

Whether or not you have travelled around to other countries, you are sure to have heard about the largest metropolis in the entire world, especially known for the technological developments that originate from here.

It is also one of the most sought after places to live in the world. The constant technological developments, the trendy and quirky happenings going on in the capital of Japan are a crucial allure.

Unfortunately for travellers visiting from foreign countries, this makes the place a bit expensive and lot of the accommodations are a bit cosier than those of other traveller destinations you might have been to.

The best way to circumvent this problem is by booking your travel accommodation much ahead of the time than your actual date of travelling.

Research around different blogs and Airbnb site. hunt the most accurate reviews of previous guests and formulate the list of things that you find necessary to be in your ideal destination and then pick the one that fits the most according to your desire.

Or Alternatively, you could just go through the list of compressed below and pick the one that speaks to you the best. These are the best Airbnb in Tokyo.

1. Deluxe Apt for four by K Family

Where to stay in Tokyo: Apt for four

While travelling to Tokyo has many pros but there is one con that you might face its space.

Not only you’ll have to book much earlier than you usually do before travelling to Tokyo, you will have to hunt for an apartment with space enough to be able to inhabit the whole group.

This is an apartment you will also comfortably house four guests, while also providing luxury stay. It’s located Just nearby Ghibli museum and in the close vicinity of major transportation hubs of Tokyo.

The place comes with police talk kitchen and follows the protocol of I’ve stepped cleaning procedure of Airbnb standard. There are four beds comfortable enough for four guests, two rooms with two beds in each.

Interior designing of the place follows the concept of modern minimalism married with elegant furnishing. if you are seeking a place with classy decorations without making it look over the top, then this is the right apartment for you.

The hosts are friendly enough the checking process is smooth as well. one of the best things about this place is its close vicinity to Ghibli museum and some of the famous restaurants and bars in Tokyo.

If you are worried about transportation then don’t think too much on it there are always options are level just nearby the area I bet you could rent a private transport are Alternatively can you use public transports easily available nearby.

2. Apartment of Two storey for 6 guests


Imagine yourself travelling to Tokyo with a family of six and not being able to find proper accommodation at the right price.

While solo travellers can fit almost anywhere, travelling in groups for families can be quite troublesome if problems of accommodations persist.

This place is a perfect answer to your troubles about travelling with family, it comes with three bedrooms in a 2 Storey structure able to host around six guests comfortably.

Some of the important features of this place include a fully equipped kitchen with modern appliances, the apartment also has a TV and other necessities luxury items. It is a good place to stay with your family and your friends if you are touring in a group.

It has two double beds and two futons, free locket Wi-Fi, a massage chair, a hammock and a small garden as well.

One of the best features about this place is it’s close vicinity to the famous hot spring Onsen in Tokyo.

You need not worry about transportation, there are many modes of transportations just nearby the apartment. you can even take direct bus to Akasuka from here.

3. Elegant Cedar furnished apartment in Tateishi, Tokyo

Where to stay in tokyo: cedar furnished apt

This apartment has lot of good reviews from the previous guests of this place, singing praises of the spotlessness and luxurious decorations of the apartment.

The bedroom comprises of two-three beds, the living room has a sofa bed and two single sized mattress.

The kitchen comes with refrigerator, gas cooker and also microwave and toaster, all of modern updated quality.

Some of the amenities offered at the apartment are a travel adaptor socket, hair blow drier along with bathroom essentials. One important thing to note is that the place offers a portable Wi-Fi with charger that you can take with you on your tour of Tokyo.(yes, of course you will have to submit it back at the end)

This apartment offers a world class residential stay vibe for a moderate price, complete with additional features other than the necessities.

Beautiful cedar furnishings, modern elegant interior designing, comfortable space for your whole family to stay during your vacation, this apartment offers a luxury living experience in affordable price.

The place is near to good restaurants and bars, and it is also just three minutes walk away from close by station.

4. Comfortable Budget stay at Shibuya Apartment

If you are looking for a place that can fit under a strict budget and you are only a group of two people then this is the apartment you should be booking for your stay in Tokyo.

One of the best features of this place is its close vicinity to Hatagaya station, where you can reach by walking in only 5 minutes.

If you are looking for a place with luxurious decorations and space enough for family of four to six, then this might not be right for you.

But if you are a solo traveller or just a couple seeking to travel around in a budget, there’s no problem with staying here. It is not only affordable, but also offers all the basic necessities that you might need, transportation is not a problem as well.

Although minimalistic it has its own kind of simplistic beauty in it. The place follows the aeroplane with standard guideline octane so you’ll find it hygienic and spotless.

5. Setagaya-ku, 3-bedroom entire house

Modern decorations are more focused towards minimalistic interior designing no matter the amount of space the house comprises of.

This three bedroom entire house at Setagaya-Ku is a good example of the minimalistic but classy look when designed in the right way.

If you are travelling around in groups then the fact of the matter is booking too bad apartment somewhere is not gonna cut it. you will need at least two or three bedroom apartment or an entire house.

This place is 3 Bedroom entire house, featuring basic essentials as well as luxurious amenities fully-stocked kitchen and other appliances of need.

you will find entertainment amenities here as well. it is basically a comfortable wonderful stay that you are going to get to experience here.

6. Tateishi, Wahuu style Apartment

Travelling around in Tokyo in this ultra modern environment well ahead of digital technology than the rest of the world, you might forget off the rich cultural and traditional history than this East Asian country his home to.

This apartment at Tateishi Takes you back to the 1940s era, This neighbourhood will let you get a glimpse of Life and Times of Japanese people in the post war era.

Guests can enjoy the basic amenities offered by this player and along with seeing the local attractions in the neighbourhood, And buy some souvenirs from local shops in the area.

Public and private both modes of transportation are available from the place just a few minutes walk away.

One of the best features of this place is that it is very light fill apartment with two bedrooms comfortable for A small family to spend their vacation in.

7. Minimalistic room nearby Tokyo Skytree

While space a luxury good measure 2 philtre your search for an apartment for your stay in Tokyo one of the best ways to choose yeah foundation yes choosing a place that is in nearby vicinity of major attractions of the city.

This apartment is placed in Sumida-ku is just nearby Oshiage station, which connects you to Haneda and Nareta airport.

It is also in the close vicinity of Tokyo Skytree, which is a major attraction for tourists visiting to Tokyo.

This room is designed in a minimalistic and more simplistic modern way the standard provides all your basic necessities as well as great views of the surrounding area.

Whether you’re travelling solo over there special someone this can be a good place for you to stay where you country is to defend the rest hurt Tokyo easily by using machine station and tobu Skytree station.

Airbnb cleaning procedures are followed white strictly and the host is of helpful and kind disposition. Researching the reviews of the previous guests, it becomes eveidently clear that the place is quite comfortable despite being a single room. You will not lack for comfort whether alone or with your partner.

8. Private room near Akasuka Sensoji Temple

Just a minute walk from tawara-mochi station, this place is a good choice for those looking to live in the duration of their vacation nearby the akasuka sensoji temple.

It is also in walking distance of Rox Mall and Family mart, if you’re in the mood to purchase something for your trip or a souvenir then checking these places out will be a good choice.

If you’re looking for a spacious accommodation fit for large family then this may not be the best choice. Although, if you are a solo traveller or touring with your partner, then this place is comfortable enough for two people.

It is of narrow in desperation but if you research about Tokyo a bit you will find out that it is quite common quality observed in Tokyo accommodations because of the dense population in the largest Metropolis of the world.

Free Wi-Fi and basic necessities are provided. There is also workplace for your office work during your stay.

Hygiene and cleanliness is maintained quite strictly. The staff is also friendly enough. Transportation is not a problem, you can get the help of the staff to ask for directions or you can check online by yourself and take a self guided tour of the city from here.

Perhaps you might prefer, hiring a tour guide and private transportation or choosing to travel in public transport, as per your comfort.

9. Modern One-Bedroom Apt, Ikebukuro Sakura

If you are a frequent traveller, you will notice this fact that, some places are not named after their functionality, (especially in culturally and traditionally rich locations)but the attractions nearby instead.

This furnished one bedroom apartment with interior designing done in a modern and elegant way, is named after the Stunning Sakura Tree nearby, which is a visitor attraction in it’s own right.

Although, not suitable for large families to stay because of it’s cosy space( just like the most accommodations you might find in Tokyo unfortunately), it is perfectly comfortable for a solo voyager or a couple touring together.

This is a great place to stay those that are looking for good modes of transportation to the best places to visit in Tokyo city.

There are a lot of eateries and shops in the area where you can taste the traditional recipes of Japan or go for a modern place as per your taste!

10. Akasuka, Ueno, Twin-Room, Budget living

Tokyo is one of the most expensive places to live in in the entire planet which means whether you are a local or a foreigner visiting the city you are going to have to pay high rates during your stay.

This is when researching thoroughly about budget places becomes high priority. If you are late in choosing where to live, you will find all of them already occupied.

what you need to do is do is, pick the accommodation well before you plan to visit Tokyo, which will give you an edge above other travellers to the city.

This apartment might seem a bit cosy to the entire house that you can stay at Anne various other travel destinations around the globe you might have been too but that is what makes Tokyo, Tokyo.

It offers all the basic necessities that you might need. The interior designing features elegant, modern and simplistic decorations.

In the room, you will find two comfortable beds and a spotless and hygienic atmosphere.

It is a good choice for a short stay in the city under a strict budget. It places you nearby some of the best attractions in the city and famous eateries, bars to pass your free time in and shops that you can enjoy buying souvenirs from, for your friends and family back home.

So, that was the list of best places to stay in Tokyo. if you find yourself wondering about what are the best things to do in Tokyo please checkout my previous post on the same topic.

Go on now voyager, have fun, Happy Travels!

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