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Did you know that 8 of the US presidents have come from Ohio? The Wright brothers, Neil Armstrong and Thomas Edison were also all Ohioans. The Ohioan motto, “With God, all things are possible” seems truly apt in this case.

Famously known as the Buckeye state for the Buckeye trees as well as the “mother of presidents” for being the birthplace of 8 presidents of United States, Ohio is an interesting place to journey.

Before we get into the fun things to do and interesting places to see in Ohio, let me take you on a short journey of the timeline of Ohio’s cultural and historical events.

The Timeline of History and Culture of Ohio :

Travel Ohio: places to see
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13000 BC- 1650 AD : The Prehistoric Era of Ohio

The first human inhabitants Of Ohio settled in the province around 13,000-8000BC.

The main source of food for the residents as that time used to be hunting and collecting food from 800 BC to 1200 AD. The natives started relying more on agriculture rather than killing and hunting.

This sustainable development became the turning point in the history of the province. It provided the people of the region with much more reliable and solid base for the growth of their settlement.

Newark Earthworks and similar large complexes were built in Ohio by the Hopewell culture around 1-400 AD.

The main feature of the late prehistoric period was the flourishing of Fort Ancient Culture in the southern and central region of Ohio. Sandusky culture, Whittlesey culture, Monogahela culture are some of the other cultures that featured the late prehistoric period of Ohio region.

1650-1803 AD : Journey to statehood of Ohio

With the discovery of The Americas by Christopher Columbus while on a Mission of exploration sent by the Europeans the colonial. Truly kicked off in the new world.

In 1670 the first European discovered the Ohio River region, finding it just the suitable place for settlement of a company known as The Ohio company which was later formed in 1748 in Virginia to proceed with the colonization of Ohio River Valley.

If you have read about the brief history of Paris that i mentioned in one of my previous blogs, then you might have come across the event known as Treaty of Paris that happened in 1763. A long and enduring war took place between the French and the native Indians extending from 1754 to 1763, later on France gave up all the rights relating to the region in the Treaty of Paris.

The American Revolution that occurred between 1775 to 1783 became a major reason for the European countries to reconsider their stake in the province. After the French, England ceded their rights to the lands in Ohio country as well.

From 1790 to 1794 Ohio-Indian wars took place, with Harmar’s defeat in 1790 St. Claire’s defeat in 1791 and Battle of fallen Timbers occurring in 1794. Ohio Indian wars finally ended after a treaty was signed in 1795 that’s famously known as the Treaty of Greenville.

In 1802 a formal Constitutional convention was held an first constitution of Ohio was drafted with Thomas Worthington presenting the same in front of Congress, soon it led to Ohio being accepted into the union.

1803-1846: The budding statehood period

The year 1803 became an important one in the history of Ohio as the signing of legislation by US President Jefferson formally made Ohio the 17th state of the union.

The battle between American fleet and British fleet ended with the former defeating the latter in the War of 1812 to 1814 in the battle of Lake Erie.

In 1815 the recently chartered Ohio University finally commenced, which later became a well known university around the globe.

Some other events of note happened during this time such as; treaty with Wyandot Indians, the last known Native American tribes of Ohio region, who had to agree to cede the claim to the land, Mexican war and the completion of Miami and Erie canal.

As a reader, you might be interested in the fact that Uncle Tom’s Cabin penned by the author Harriet Beecher Stowe in Ohio was published in 1852.

The American civil war that occurred between 1860-1865, left Ohio relatively untouched, except for one occasion with Battle of Buffington Island, which was fought under the borders of Ohio province. Ulysses S. Grant, an Ohio denizen, was appointed as the supreme commander of the union army after his victorious siege against Vicksburg.

1866-1900: The era of Urbanization:

Ulysses S. Grant, an Ohioan resident, was chosen as 18th president of the United States in 1868.
The era between 1866 to 1900s saw some rapid development and changes in atmosphere of the region. The founding off Cincinnati Reds stockings which became the first professional basketball team as well commencement of Ohio agricultural mechanial college.

Did you know Thomas Edison the world renowned scientist who invented the electric light bulb in 1879, which in turn became a turning point for the technological development of the world, came from Ohio?

The 19th president of US, chosen in 1876, Rutherford B. Hayes, as well as James A. Garfield, 20th President of US elected in 1880, elected in 1888, the 23rd President of US Benjamin Harrison and William McKinley the 25th President of US, were all Ohioans.

1901-1928: The period of Progress

Orville and Wilbur Wright the two Ohioan brothers, who will later be known throughout the world for their invention as the Wright brothers, perform the 1st triumphant flight of a powered airplane in a 1903.

Another Ohioan, William H. Taft was elected the 27th president of US in 1908, while in 1920, Warren G. handing was chosen as the 27th President of US.

A disaster struck Ohioans in the year 1913, known as the Flood of 1913 resulting with the demise of at the minimum 428 Ohioans and bringing overwhelming destruction across the entire state.

During the World War I time period between 1914 to 1918, Camp Sherman was established in the region in 1917 to train army troops. In the same camp, around 1200 troops passed away due to the Influenza Epidemic that struck in 1918.

The time period between 1929 and 1945 during which the World War II occurred, is known as the period of the Great Depression. The World War entangled Ohio along with US. It was kind of a dark period for the region as some disasters occurred known as Ohio Penitentiary Fire that ended up ending the lives of 322 inmates and a gas company explosion in East Ohio that took the lives of 131 people.

1946-1975: The Era of Civil Rights Movement

The time periobetween 1946 and 1975 is known as the era of civil rights movement during which the Cold War also took place.

The civil rights movement affected United States in its entirety, Ohio was not an exception. The General Assembly of Ohio founded the Ohio civil rights Commission in 1959. William O. Walker was elected as the first African-American cabinet member of Ohio in 1963.


Reading until now you might have seen a pattern of most of the famous US personalities belonging to Ohio, and that did not end with this era, as in 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first person to have walked on the surface of the moon. He was also an Ohioan.

Another event of note is the election of Karl Stokes as the first African American mayor of a prominent city (Cleveland).

Modern Era of Ohio

The civil rights movement began showing its effects in 1917, as public schools started ending the segregation policies starting from Columbus Dayton and Cleveland.

Some of the major events of note during modern era of Ohio are; the worst winter storm in the history of Ohio region known as the Blizzard of 1978, The Lucasville Prison Riot that caused demise of 1 guard and 9 prisoners. A Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum was opened in Cleveland in 1995 as well as in 1998 John Glenn became the oldest person to go to space.

Top 6 places to see and things to do in Ohio:

Hello traveler, if you’re looking to visit to Ohio then, here’s your travel guide simplified. These are the top six places that you should checkout in case you are not planning to visit these places already.

I’m going to make it easier for you to choose your first travel destination in Ohio by categorizing the things to do and places to see according to the prevalent natures of different kinds of travelers.

Cedar Point Amusement Park; Family, Friends, Solo


Known as one of the most popular summer destination in Ohio Cedar point amusement park hands down tops my list of places to see in Ohio province.

Featuring 17 world cross roller coasters, children entertainment areas with joining Cedar point shores water park, I honestly think that it has all the fun and best things to do in Ohio, whether you’retravelling with your kids, with your friends or solo.

The Cedar point shores water park provides water adventures such as lazy River, wave pool and a daring drop of six stories, known as aqua drop water slide for those who are feeling truly courageous.

How to reach?
: One Cedar Point Drive, Sandusky, Ohio

Hocking Hill State Park: for outdoorsy people


While some blog listings may put the National Museum and the Hall of Fame or the Art Museum ahead, I myself am an outdoor enthusiast, so if you are a nature lover just like me then I recommend you that Hocking Hill State Park is probably the first destination you should go to.

it’s a no nonsense natural area with hiking trail, camping facilities, cottages and caves. The top places to say in this park are Cedar Falls, Cantwell cliffs, Rock House and the Old Man’s Cave.

one of the best things to do in this park is bird watching as well as sharpening your photographic skills. Take pictures of either yourself, the natural scenery or the birds. There are plenty of places, scenes, extremely photogenic, for you to take pictures of.

How to reach?
: 19852 OH-664, Logan, OH 43138, United States

Rock and Roll hall of Fame; for music enthusiasts

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A modern pilgrimage for music buffs situated on cleveland’s waterfront. The rock and roll Hall of Fame is One of the best places to see, a major tourist attraction in all of Ohio. It features a timeline of rock and roll history decade by decade.

From unique musical instruments to classic costumes and artefacts relating to famous musicians, a myriad of iconic items can be found on display.

How to reach?
: 1100 Rock and Roll Blvd, Cleveland, Ohio

National Museum of US Air Force; for history buffs


If you are looking for free things to do in Ohio, then perhaps visiting the National Museum of the US Air Force might be the top of your list.

The museum features about 360 artefacts on show. it will take you on a journey off the gradual progress in technology with time relating the history to modern era to both the outdoor and indoor galleries.

If you are visiting the site then I recommend you to definitely tour the presidential Gallery. Relish seeing the aircraft that were used by former presidents like Eiesenhower, Truman and Roosevelt.

How to reach?
: 1100 Spaatz Street, Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium; Family, Kids tour


Featuring more than 10,000 animals and six animal diversity regions showcasing, Heart of Africa, Congo expedition, North America and Asia Quest. The Columbus zoo and aquarium is rated as one of the leading zoos in the entire nation.

How to reach?
4850 Powell Road, Powell, Ohio

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens


If you are the kind of traveler that is more interested in seeing the flora and enjoying some peace amidst observatories, much more interested in plants, rather then the art museums or other attractions then I suggest you visit here.
Featuring more than 400 plant species, it is also home to a Victorian style glass greenhouse.

How to reach?
: 1777 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio

Best Restaurants and bars in Ohio


Schmidt’s Sausage Haus and Restaurant; in Columbus

The first pick for those who live German recipes. Find the homely German cuisine experience herd.
To reach, go to- 240 E Kossuth St., Columbus, OH 43206.

G&R tavern; in Waldo

A hidden gem of a restaurant, wildly popular among the locals and a food joint known for the best balogna sandwich you’ll ever have.
To reach- 103 N Marion St., Waldo, OH 43356.

Slyman’s Restaurant; in Cleveland

This restaurant claims to offer the best corned beef in all of Ohio. Good choice to have an early lunch here. The place gets filled to the brim with customers later on.
To reach- 3106 St Clair Ave. NE, OH 44114

Eli’s BBQ; in Cincinnati

Ranked #3 among the “50 best barbecue joints in America” by business insider. Known for their delicious barbecue, mac and cheese and Jalapeño.
To reach- 3313 Riverside Dr. OH 45226,

Before going ahead with the plans to travel to Ohio, I recommend you to find the right accommodations for the time of your stay. It is very important that you stay nearby the major attractions and in a safe area. you also need to be careful about the size of your travel group.

If you are travelling with more than four people, then you need to pick the right accommodation that can fulfil your needs for space and other amenities and that lodgings.

Go on now traveler, have fun, Happy Travels!

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